Sunday, November 28, 2004

Week review 28-Nov 2004

Main Theme of the week: Death of James Wong. Shitty work week. Getting to convince myself to move on to a new target in my love life. The current one is starting to look hopeless. Maybe it has always been hopeless, but I guess I just can't get over the fact that I never even tried asking.

Lows of the week: Tension @ work. Cold war escalating.

Highlight of the week: Hmm ... been a pretty shitty week. So, highlight would be hanging out with my friend on the weekend. Nothing spectacular, but it was nice and relaxing. De-stressing .... Oh yah maybe a little bit. Got to know a new chick this week. She's got a nice personailty and sunny disposition. Rather attractive i might say. We'll see how things progress in the coming week.

Movie of the week: Birth ... and it is really not that enjoyable. The story does not explain well. It ends on a lingering note. It does not make u ask what if, nor does it make you think, but it just provided a question and didn't bother to explain it. What I felt was, the story teller couldn't make up his mind on which stand he wanted to take. Sorry, but i have made my stand, and that is this movie sucked.

Song of the week: 忘記他。"Forget him". Song first sung by Teresa Teng. Written by the venerable James Wong. Song of the week for obvious reasons.

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