Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Straitstimes subscription based now

Straitstimes .... arguably the most biased newspaper in the world ... and the only paper in Singapore where u can get all the politically correct news (to none other than the PAP) is now subscription based only. WOW!!!!

Lemme count how many papers out there in the world does that? .... NY times was the first to start a "free registration" thingy and almost every major online newspaper followed suit (incl. Straitstimes) .... Now ... Singapore straitstimes wants to be the leader .... to be one of the first *ahem* "mainstream" newspaper to go subscription. We'll see how well it does ...

I have stopped reading the local govt propaganda brainwashing newspaper for a while already .. but started to read up the online version ... now they want me to pay .... ok ... I'll stick with my usual Google news, NY times and BBC, India times etc .... and if there's any Singapore-worthy happenings? I think it shld appear there .... but I seriously wonder .... who cares ...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

This is a funny funny ad!!