Saturday, June 27, 2009

《還魂》預告片 - Blood Ties The Movie Trailer!

Hello guys,

It's been months since I've written anything on my blog. And what really amazes me is that there are still hundreds of hits every month, which really boggles my mind.

And what have I been up to? A project that has been brewing over the past few years is about to be unleashed upon mankind! :D My feature film has finally wrapped production around end March, and my team and I have been working very hard to make sure that you all will have something to see on the big screen very soon. ... In fact, the date is finally set. 10 SEPTEMBER 2009!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

For now, check out the official website!
The phase one launch of the site has the exclusive trailer not seen at the theaters! See if you can spot the difference between the theatrical version and this one here!

And along with the trailer launch we will be launching a blog containing ghost stories and spooky tales submitted by users. Send your tales to and the top 10 stories will be given a pair of tickets to the gala premiere! At the same time, if you send in quick, we have about 100 copies of the posters around for the early birds submissions! :D Email us now!!! (See the cool poster above)

Well, a picture tells a thousand words. Here's the youtube version!

Official Website

Join us @ our Facebook Group (With photos!!)

Youtube Link