Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why don't you be straightforward as well Dr Vivian Balakrishnan?

Mr Goh Chok Tong former PM of SG urged just recently to have a "clean fight", no personal attacks and no rude language". How short is PAP's memory? Pretty short apparently. So what's the latest distraction tactics from PAP?

Our favourite YOG MP Dr Vivan Balakrishnan, now is accusing (wait ... hinting?) SDP's Dr Wijeysingha as having a ulterior motive in his political agenda. Why i say hinting? Cos he didn't give very much specifics. He pointed to a video on youtube (which he didn't specify) as evidence for his accusation (wait hint) for a ulterior movtive which he also didn't specify.

Why didn't he just be specific? Is he afraid to utter the "G" word? And why is the gay issue even an issue in this election? Unless he thinks it can be a bad thing for the voters? Oh Dr V, can you be even more specfic? Can you stop hinting? Just be straightforward about your thoughts can you? Can you tell us why that video about Dr Wijeysingha being at a forum discussing some gay issue would be a bad thing for a voter. Please explain. Please be as straightforward as you want Dr Wijeysingha to be straightforward about his political agenda.

You flung the dung over first, so i think it is fair that you explain why you did so.

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's been so long!!!

Wow ... just decided to see if I should raise my pen (or fingers on my keyboard? :) again and start blogging and just realised ... HOLY SHIT it's been 2 years since I've entered any posts!!

Oh well, but in these years, facebook seems to have erased the need for a blog anyways. You can post your thoughts, photos videos, links ... any damn thing you can think of and if it is any good, your friends will help you spread the word ... and at least it is within your circle of your friends. Though privacy really doesn't mean anything on facebook - it is practically non existent.

Well, so what brings me back? Well, really it is just cos I haven't felt so excited about my country's politics in a long time! I haven't felt such passion and excitement about SG since ... I was in secondary school and attending the national day parade at the national stadium amongst the crowd singing "Count on me Singapore!".

This upcoming election has made me feel that Singaporeans actually do care a shit about the country, and I can see why. I never felt this way about the previous elections because it always ends up just having a few GRCs being involved, and the rest of the nation can do nothing but watch by the side and feel powerless. We can't get involved even if we wanted to. My GRC always got walked over.

This time, almost all GRCs are contested. ALMOST ALL ... except one .... Tangjong Pagar. As of writing, SDA has decided to not contest that GRC. Sigh ... and there goes my hope of finally able to contribute to making my voice heard. There's still 2 days left, and I still hope I will not end up a spectator again.

But like I said before, this time is different. Almost everyone in SG will have a chance to participate in a new chapter of the country and make a difference in the history of the country.

And we wil finally know if what PAP said was right - that most people are actually happy on the ground and those online do not represent the majority. Or will it end up proving that PAP is just simply way out of touch.

Exciting times! It is times like this that I feel proud to be a Singaporean again. Thanks fellow Singaporeans for standing up for your rights! Let's stand up for Singapore!