Friday, October 28, 2005

The Hangman ...

Hot topic currently ... A 25 year old aussie guy who is caught carrying 396gm of heroin, acting as a mule for a drug syndicate, in transit to Cambodia from Australia. He's caught last year March in Singapore and he is now sentenced to death. He was not a criminal, this is his first offence, and he's doing this so as to clear the gambling debt f his brother.

Everyone's talking about how the governments of both countries should or should not behave. Anyone put themselves in the position of the kid? His brother is in shit ass debt. He's doing this to save his brother, and in the process, he got nabbed. He tried to collaborate with the Singapore government and never denied his crimes. He is now to be hung. The drug lords from Aussie and Cambodia must be feeling crappy that their goods got into the hands of the goverment, and also grinning that a sacrifice is going to be made while they are still at large. So what will this execution serve? To teach people a lesson? Teach who a lesson? It cuts off possible leads to the real criminals and does nothing to stop future similar action by the drug lords (who's only loss is a life which doesn't matter).
Nguyen was in a lose lose situation all the way from the beginning. If he did nothing to help his bro, he'll be looked upon by the people around him as heartless; now he helps and he gets hung. All I can say is, this is going to be a loss of life which will serve no good purpose to any goverments, but the drug lords - for it will make it harder to catch them.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Orchard Road has world's 14th most expensive retail space

"Orchard Road has world's 14th most expensive retail space", the article says. And this trend is going upwards. I suspect this will encourage property owners (aka the rich big wigs) to slowly raise their rental to be No.1 someday. :P Is this good for business owners like me?

I am wondering if the article even research into - the average spending power of the people walking on the streets of NY versus SG. And the average sales figures from the shops here in Orchard Rd versus NY. Does the rental justify its location?

Link to article

Singapore's Sexpo!!! Kids enter for free!

THIS IS PRETTY amazing for Singapore. Though Singapore was once described as a castrated man by a singer (who has since been "media blacklisted" locally), now he's actually showing that he's got balls (and one hell of a dick!). hhahahha

Now this is the real kicker:

Adult Ticket:* S$14 (Adult aged 21 or above)
Minor below 21 Ticket: S$2
Children below 12: Free entrance to Living Room section
* Adult ticket includes free admission to all adults-only seminars and exhibitions in the Bedroom section.
* Book early to enjoy the Early Bird Discount of $12 per Adult ticket.
* Offer valid till 31st Oct 2005.

Am I seeing things??? If you're 12-20, u get to go in for $2. And if you're below 12, you get to go (albeit to the living room only - but who says u can't have sex in the living room? :P) in for FREE???

Isn't it illegal to have sex with any "minors" under the age of 16?? Am I seeing a disconnect here??

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rosa Parks passed - 1913-2005

Now many Singaporeans might not be familar with Rosa Parks, but her act of defiance in 1955, open the pathways to many segregation laws reform in the US then. Who would have imagined just barely 50 years ago, Black people can only sit at the back of the buses, and the front row seats were reserved for the whites only. If it gets too crowded, the center rows might have to be given up for white people too. When buses get too crowded, the Black people would have to pay at the front of the bus, exit the buses and board the bus from the rear door. This is the United States we're talking about.

On 1 Dec 1955, Rosa Park refused to give up her seat. 4 persons were asked to move and give way for 1 white man by the bus driver. 3 moved, but Mrs Parks didn't budge.The driver said "Well, I'm going to have you arrested". Rosa said "You may do that". Mrs Parks was arrested and fined $14. Following her arrest, the blacks community boycotted the bus service (they accounted for 75% of the business) for more than 12months until the court ruled against segration on public transport.

It does makes me wonder, if something similar happened to Singapore, would Singaporeans simply boycott the system, or just go along with the flow.

Black American Web - Nation's Leaders Express Sadness at Civil Rights Icon's Death

If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong

This blog entry at Huffling Post is making its rounds around the net for good reason. It hurts.
Many people who reads this article says "it attacks Christians, Muslims and Jews". I say it plainly just attacks the common sense (or the lack of) in human behavior over the course of our miserable human history.

I'd say this is progressive talking that many will take offense to, but I hope will not be dismissed. There is a healthy discussion going on at the blog and I recommend my readers to read it too. The article is also very long and padded, so do not just skim it. I can understand if Christians, Muslims and Jewish people are offended by his name callings and his insult to their leaders from thousands of years ago. But read it all, and take a step back, he's not really talking about the religions, but more along the lines of how human behaviors are shaped by individuals and groups.

Read this document like a social psychology study - and you'll appreciate it for what it is worth. For others who can't or refuse to see it from that angle, this article will hurt. You have been warned.

Click Here

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Actresses, Docs, Lawyers etc ... not normal people

Read this article that was on channelnewsasia's website about the slump in used car market. What stood out was this quote from a saleman.

"Said Raymond Tang of Yong Lee Seng Motor, "We see more professional customers, high-end, coming to see us, not just normal people but doctors, lawyers, actors and actresses."

I see .... if you're a doc, lawyer, actor or actress ... you're not normal. :)*
Interesting choice of words make for a good morning's laugh. When they say we need to improve our English, I think it goes way beyond grammar* and vocabulary. The phrasing and all can really make a difference.

Click here for article

*Update: Yeah thanks for a heads up the readers :P Sorry for the booboo

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I want it that way - Back Street Boys

This video is hilarious ...

A take on a song by the Back Street Boys by 2 Asians. "I want it that way".

Funny as hell.

If you've seen it and wanna "yawn" about it, bugger off. For the rest of us who didn't, check it out now :)

I want it that way

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Saw - 80%

Ok this is a subjective score. I know most critics panned it. But I really dug it.

Story starts with 2 guys, waking up, each chained to one end of a room. In the middle of the room, is a bloody body of a dead man. One of the chained guys, is a doctor, the other a private investigator. The doctor is given a couple of hours to kill the investigator, or his family dies. Incidentally, they are both given a saw each, so they could also have the convenient option to saw off their own leg if they are desperate. The killer (who doesn't really kill), sets up his victims in scenarios where they will be given the choices to either do certain things or they (or someone else) would end up dead.

In a way, the story can only exist in the context that it is setup. It seems like the characters are created for the setups, not the other way around. So I can understand if viewers find the whole thing too "planned". But I felt it was the cleverness of the entire premise that held the show up. The writers were able to create the setups and planted the characters nicely for the story to unfold in its own universe. It does makes me wonder, if the killer has to do a lot of planning to find different personalities that somehow link and create those setups for them. Maybe it is like a game to the killer, but somehow it just seemed like he wasn't playing a game. Well, like I said, if you can forgive the absurdities of the story, you can appreciate the setups. :)

I'd recommend the show for people who would like a different kind of thriller, as opposed to those very formulaic slasher ones that we're used to seeing - Halloween, Friday the 13th, House of 1000 Corpses etc.

Wedding Videos - Advertisement alert!! :P

Well ... since I'm heading out fulltime to do this, just to spread the news.

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Summary of services:
1) Actual Day Shoot
2) Actual Day Highlights (Or what is commonly known as "Express edit")
3) Photo Montage (Eg. Growing up montage)
4) DVD creation (You gotta check my DVDs :))
And more much more. :)

Make an appointment today. And name my blog. I'll give you a free icecream just for coming to view my work. Oh yeah and I am listed on too.


Ok sorry for those not interested. I need to feed myself too ya know? :) Peace and out.

Monday, October 17, 2005

40 year old Virgin - 85%

This is a great comedy, possibly one of the best I've watched these few years. This one has all the nasties of those "American Pie" comedies, but it combines it with wit and a heart. Rather unique combination. This is one comedy that after watching, leave you with plenty of thinking. Not those serious concerns or anything, but it is a movie that will provide food for thoughts.

Movie stars Steve Carrell (Daily Show) who plays Andy Stitzer, a very very nice guy who never gets the girls. His buddies at work one day found out that he's a virgin, and decides to help him out. A premise that promises all the laughs and hilarity, and yes you'll get it in spades. Many jokes may be construed as "male chauvinistic" and may make some women go "is that how men thinks??". The truth is, yes, more likely than not, your boyfriend sitting next to you is like one of Andy's buddies - the normal guys. Andy is the abnormal one. But the truth be told, it is the "normal" guys that chicks fall for and not the weirdo geeks like Andy that catches the eye. Ironically, Andy is more a gentleman than the rest, and thanks to his niceness, many women might never know.

Reason why I love this movie so much is how much I could relate to it. :) Yes .. I am a geek who hasn't gotten a girlfriend for the past 10 years. And I could understand why. I move too slowly because I wanna respect the girls, and it is always the "smarties" or the "Sauvies" who ends up with the chicks. More often than not, I become the "best friend". And this movie tells it all. It is the voice for all the nice people out there, and it urges women to see beyond the clothes, the hairstyle and the sweet talkings.

"Unlike you guys I love women. I respect them. I love them so much that I stay away from them" says Andy. As funny as it sounds, it brings an ache to the heart when you hear it. Because you know these people exist, and they can't help being laughed at as a loser, when they choose to be a good person.

But this is human nature we're talking about - bad boys always get the girls. There are tons of movies that show that, and for once, there's a movie that shows the other voice, and shows him as a hero. A must watch - for both boys and girls.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Google ... failure?

Try this for a laugh, amusing lah

1- Go to Google (
2- Type in the word "Failure"
3- Instead of clicking "Google Search," click "I'm Feeling Lucky."
4- Spread the word before the people at Google "fix" it.

Try this :) ... quick!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Singaporean Mentality Series - Part 2

Evil begets evil.

How many times have you heard/seen this kind of situation? A friend of yours at a restaurant (or store), asking the waiter/waitress (or sales person) why this is like this or that is like that, and makes ridiculous demands of how they deserve a discount or a free meal if certain demands are not met. Then after scaring the hell out of the waiter/waitress/salesperson or manager and getting what they want, they turn to you in private saying "See, must like that one. Then you'll get what you want."

I saw something similar a few days ago at a Pizzahut restaurant. This Chinese guy, behaving like he was trying to impress the caucasian counterpart that he's dating, started to make demands in the restaurant like he deserved to be treated like a king. No magic words like "please?". It was all with a commanding tone that told the waitress "could you remove this and that from the dish?". Then after the waitress took back the dish and left, he turned to the date and said "It's all about service man. These days very important." And then before the dish came back, this girl mentioned that she's not feeling well, and so he asked the waitress back again. "Can u cancel that dish? ... my friend not feeling well. Can u take it out of the bill? I settle the bill now". Well, so where's the "I am so sorry about this?". Nope cos the word sorry or a friendly tone would make him seem "unmanly".

This is just one extreme example of how things get. I see similar things happening in my own restaurant too. There was once this guy (on a blind date), was trying to behave like an asshole to impress the girl. When he tried to order this particular dish, and my waitress said "sorry, we're out of that dish", and he made use of that opportunity to act nasty to impress. "What do you mean? How can you not have this dish? What kind of a restaurant is this?" My staff was taken aback at this reaction. It wasn't as if an order was taken and then we came back to apologize. And the worse part, the girl looked like she was so impressed at his behavior and her smile seems to fuel his eagerness to give my staff a tougher time.

This also brings to mind one of my earliest experience in military service. The 1st day. The sergeant singled me out while going through the 11Bs (an ID card for servicemen), and asked me "What's so funny?". I was totally taken aback and didn't understand what he meant. Apparently he wanted to give me a hard time just because the photo that was on my 11B, was one in which I smiled.

Singaporean always have this mentality that in order to get your way, you must be mean or nasty. The people around us, the system and our Singaporean society, always have a mentality that nice guys finish last, so you shouldn't be nice. Thus resulting in everyone being nasty or mean to one another. Thus what do u see around you now? People on the streets who looks like they are pissed off all the time. You crossed your vision with someone, and they wanna assert a certain manhood and they will ask "Stare what stare?" or give u the "stare what stare" look. You smile at people on the streets, people think 1) siao ah? or 2) what's so funny? You hold doors for people, and people just walk through like they deserved it.

Evil begets evil. We probably deserved the bad services we receive these days. It's Karma.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

iPod Tax

Japan is the latest to join in the fray of demanding that a tax be imposed on MP3 players like Ipods, to pay for the lost revenues due to home copying. This is truly ridiculous. We buy a product, and if we make copies of it at home, we should not be taxed for doing so. We paid for the rights to the freaking tracks, so we own the tracks that we paid for. I might be able to understand it if their argument was otherwise, but the reason for the tax being "home copying" is just ridiculous.

I don't need to pay to place my music for every device that I place them on. I should be able to buy a CD, and make a copy of it to play in my different rooms or rip a copy to bring it along in my portable player. This is not about piracy, where it involves giving the copies to others. This is about fairplay.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Leap of faith

Here goes nothing. I have finally done it. After so many months of struggling, i've finally gotten the courage to say "Sorry, I am quitting". Now many people may think, "chey, quitting a job what? what's so difficult?". The difficulty is in delivering the message to someone in your family. I have planned this for months .. and it has taken me lotsa sleepless nights to say the Magic Words. I am glad i said it. But I also feel sorry, and very bad that I have to deliver it to my uncle, who really needed the support. But I am doing this for my own sanity, and my own dreams. I decided I can't live my life based on other people's expectations of me anymore. 10 years is more than enough to be living for someone, as opposed to be for myself.

This is a small step for me, but a huge turning point in my life. I am going to pursue my dreams regardless of what others may say. "Be real!!" "Wake up lah" "Stop dreaming lah!". These are words from the people who claim to be logical and realistic. I have been logical and realistic for the past 10 years ... but I am not happy. I am going to walk another path from today onwards. And even if it may not be 100% safe, at least I know I am doing something about my dreams, and working on my own happiness - as opposed to more and more money, and other people's happiness.

Fever and reviews dun mix

Damn .. running a fever .. and i really wanted to post reviews on 40 year old virgin and Saw. But my brain a little dead ... and can't make coherent thoughts ....

Anyways, before my review comes ... here a quick summary ..

40 year old virgin - 85% - Very good for a comedy. This one makes u think and ask questions after the show. Nice.

SAW (DVD) - 80% - Very smart. I like the setup and the story. Very gory and a "bloody" good time.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bush says, God says "Gimme a Palestinian State"

Holy mama! When I read this, I was flippin' in my chair! BBC's upcoming documentary claims that Bush really thinks he's acting on God's instructions to invade Iraq.

What the hell!?? Did God tell him that the Global Warming is not real, and not to believe in evidences cos they are not conclusive? Did Bush think that God will come our rescue when Earth becomes inhabitable? Why didn't God tell him that the hurricane is gonna make him and his administration look really bad?? Maybe he's listening to the wrong voices?

'God told me to invade Iraq' - Bush
God ordered me to destroy the tyranny of Saddam, said Bush

But of course .. the white house denies
White House: Bush didn't make God claim

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Creation Vs Evolution

Interesting Article on NY Times on Creationism versus Evolution (Or Intelligent Design vs Darwinism etc.).


Mr Bush believes intelligent design should be taught along side with the theory of evolution. The USA is now split on this issue. I really wonder what Singaporeans thoughts are regarding this. In Singapore, I'd suppose it won't be as simple as teaching about Genesis from the Bible alongside the biology textbooks. To be fair to all the races and religions, we probably have to teach Taoism, Hinduism etc. and all their theories as well.

Another reason why US is even more divided under the Bush Administration.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Charity for Tomorrow.

Recently polled the readers for which charity they shld adopt ....

Well .. as we can see ... Singaporeans would rather give money to animals than to their fellow human counterparts :P hahahhah ...


Charity for Tomorrow
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
St Andrew's Mission Hospital
Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution
National Kidney Foundation
Action for AIDS
Muscular Dystrophy Association
Very Special Arts
Club Rainbow
Children's Cancer Foundation
Cat Welfare
Total votes: 468

Dear SPH and MediaCorp Publishing

Incidentally, another letter I sent to SPH and Mediacorp Publishing on the same day, didn't get published.


Dear publishers,

This is an open letter to both SPH and Mediacorp Publishing regarding your stand on certain IP issues. I have learnt recently that SPH had pursued, without warnings, a few companies with regards to placing articles on their website, accusing them of copyright infringements. From what I understand, some of these articles are dated back to as far as 3 years ago, and they are also properly referenced and credited.

I am running a restaurant and cafĂ©, and had upon hearing this, decided not go ahead and publish any articles scan, quotes and references to any of our media mentions at my company’s website. This is very disconcerting to me as the clipping of articles and reviews are a very common practice in the industry, but yet SPH is not issuing any warnings prior to acting upon what they deem as infringement on their properties. I wish to understand the stand that publishers take on the following:

1) Restaurants cutting up newspaper clippings and framing them up in their restaurants. What difference is this compared to putting them up on the websites?
2) Insurance and policy agents or any businesses that uses newspaper clippings in their sales pitch. Is that illegal too as they are using dated articles to do their sales and promotions?
3) When companies/events are covered by your publishing house, we do not sign any “release forms” to allow your firms to do so, usually verbal agreements only. Does it mean we have to pursue that to protect ourselves in future?

I understand that SPH has a right to pursue such actions, as these articles are your intellectual properties. However, isn’t it a tad unfair that you are not issuing warnings on such prevalent practice of your IP infringements before acting upon it? Just like piracy of music is a pervasive act but there are many who did it unknowingly initially. Why are there no action taken on SPH side to warn or educate before hitting upon businesses who might be doing this for years unknowingly?

Incidentally, I write a blog and one of my recent postings was quoted by Straits Times without being informed prior hand. This makes me ponder upon SPH’s own practice of respecting other people’s works. I hope MediaCorp publishing (or any other publishers) would also share their views and stand on this issue so as to warn those many businesses out there which might be infringing your IP unknowingly.

Thank you.

Mr Chai Yee-Wei

The old Capitol cinema should be restored to its former glory

Since they published my letter in the forum. Here's sharing it with my readers here too.

To: ST Forum


I am writing with regards to the Capitol Building/Cinema at the junction of Stamford Rd and North Bridge Road. The building from my understanding is a conservation unit, and it being preserved. However, I am very dismayed to see the current state that it is in and why nothing has been done in the past decade (decades?) to restore, maintain or preserve this piece of our history?

From what I have heard (I have no way of verifying, but maybe Straits Times is able to find this out), the building is now under the jurisdiction of Singapore Tourism Board. I would hope that this letter would find its way to the people in charge of this building and make them get off their laurels and do something about this historic piece.

I had fond memories of going to this cinema back in my secondary school days. I recall the theatre as one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. With 2 Pegasuses sculptures flanking each side of the huge screen, circle seats on a 2nd level and its classic architecture, this place is a work of art. There are also beautiful paintings of astrological signs at the dome ceiling at the top. Why are all these left to rot under the sun over the past 20 years? Why is it not even maintained at all? Considering the how strong the push for the arts are these days, why aren't Capitol building reopened to cater to the myriad of musicals, plays, concerts and theater productions out there?

I hope to hear something from the authorities regarding this issue and hope to see something done for Capitol Building. I believe myself, and many people out there would love to volunteer our efforts to clean up the place and restore Capitol to its former glory.


Mr Chai Yee-Wei

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Singaporean Mentality in a Lift

I shall use the lift (or elevator if you’re not Singaporean) scenario to reflect some of our Singaporeans' mentality:
Sometimes you see people walking towards the lift, and those inside, pretend not to see. If there’s anyone who kept the lift doors open for people and they will come in without saying thanks. You see people coming into a crowded lift, and no one bothers to help asking “which floor?”. You see this guy trying to reach for the buttons while others try to make way for him/her, even though they are right next to the buttons panel. If someone did try to hit the button for him, no thanks are returned anyways. The person who hit the button, didn't appear to care if the person did not say “thanks”. Lastly, everyone is oblivious to all these hostility – or does not find anything wrong with it. Yes, it may seem like I am picking needles in a haysack, but this is a microview of what is happening in the larger context of the Singaporean society.

1) Singaporeans do not have a habit of being considerate or thoughtful for others.
2) Singaporeans are so “goal oriented” that they just want to get from point A to B without getting bothered with what’s happening around them but their own matters.
3) Singaporeans are not courteous
4) Singaporeans simply do not even bother (bochap)
5) Singaporeans are so conditioned to behave in the above manner that do not even see this as a problem
6) Since no one sees anything wrong with other people’s and their own behavior, the vicious cycle entails. Things remain the same. If there are kids in the lift, they see all these happening, and get conditioned to the system.

Karma Chameleon