Thursday, October 27, 2005

Singapore's Sexpo!!! Kids enter for free!

THIS IS PRETTY amazing for Singapore. Though Singapore was once described as a castrated man by a singer (who has since been "media blacklisted" locally), now he's actually showing that he's got balls (and one hell of a dick!). hhahahha

Now this is the real kicker:

Adult Ticket:* S$14 (Adult aged 21 or above)
Minor below 21 Ticket: S$2
Children below 12: Free entrance to Living Room section
* Adult ticket includes free admission to all adults-only seminars and exhibitions in the Bedroom section.
* Book early to enjoy the Early Bird Discount of $12 per Adult ticket.
* Offer valid till 31st Oct 2005.

Am I seeing things??? If you're 12-20, u get to go in for $2. And if you're below 12, you get to go (albeit to the living room only - but who says u can't have sex in the living room? :P) in for FREE???

Isn't it illegal to have sex with any "minors" under the age of 16?? Am I seeing a disconnect here??


Bitchy Witchy said...

Man, I will never get tired reading your blog. Always fresh, always ready with some smartass quip to brighten anyone's day :o)

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