Sunday, October 02, 2005

Singaporean Mentality in a Lift

I shall use the lift (or elevator if you’re not Singaporean) scenario to reflect some of our Singaporeans' mentality:
Sometimes you see people walking towards the lift, and those inside, pretend not to see. If there’s anyone who kept the lift doors open for people and they will come in without saying thanks. You see people coming into a crowded lift, and no one bothers to help asking “which floor?”. You see this guy trying to reach for the buttons while others try to make way for him/her, even though they are right next to the buttons panel. If someone did try to hit the button for him, no thanks are returned anyways. The person who hit the button, didn't appear to care if the person did not say “thanks”. Lastly, everyone is oblivious to all these hostility – or does not find anything wrong with it. Yes, it may seem like I am picking needles in a haysack, but this is a microview of what is happening in the larger context of the Singaporean society.

1) Singaporeans do not have a habit of being considerate or thoughtful for others.
2) Singaporeans are so “goal oriented” that they just want to get from point A to B without getting bothered with what’s happening around them but their own matters.
3) Singaporeans are not courteous
4) Singaporeans simply do not even bother (bochap)
5) Singaporeans are so conditioned to behave in the above manner that do not even see this as a problem
6) Since no one sees anything wrong with other people’s and their own behavior, the vicious cycle entails. Things remain the same. If there are kids in the lift, they see all these happening, and get conditioned to the system.

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Bitchy Witchy said...

Frankly I've always found the Singaporean mentality a huge pain-in-the ass...and when you are nice and hit the buttons for them, they have the gall to look at you like YOU'RE a miscreant! Fuckers!

Anonymous said...

Ya they're rude to strangers.
But if they know you, they're very polite, very nice, friendly, hospitable, understanding people... I love them. But if you're in deep shit, it's your problem and they will not spare even minimal brain energy out of pity or thoughfullness for you, even if they're the one making you suffer... except if they want to help you (if they like you or have an interest in helping you)
In other words, they dont do charity (and they hate receiving charity too... it seems charity is something shameful in singapore).
You should know that when dealing with a singaporean on any level. You will get no pity.
Which is not necessarily a bad thing, everyone should look out for themselves... teaches you to be responsible. But a little thoughfullness would not hurt either.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, when you do bother thinking about others, it can help you get to your goal faster.