Wednesday, October 26, 2005

If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong

This blog entry at Huffling Post is making its rounds around the net for good reason. It hurts.
Many people who reads this article says "it attacks Christians, Muslims and Jews". I say it plainly just attacks the common sense (or the lack of) in human behavior over the course of our miserable human history.

I'd say this is progressive talking that many will take offense to, but I hope will not be dismissed. There is a healthy discussion going on at the blog and I recommend my readers to read it too. The article is also very long and padded, so do not just skim it. I can understand if Christians, Muslims and Jewish people are offended by his name callings and his insult to their leaders from thousands of years ago. But read it all, and take a step back, he's not really talking about the religions, but more along the lines of how human behaviors are shaped by individuals and groups.

Read this document like a social psychology study - and you'll appreciate it for what it is worth. For others who can't or refuse to see it from that angle, this article will hurt. You have been warned.

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Tempest Blue said...

While I am very much in favour of the ideas and thoughts that writer espouses, nontheless I find the name calling to be rude. Frankly, it detracts from the message he's trying to put across, and lessens his respectability as an writer.

It merely serves to offend religious people and put them on the defensive, while stoking the fires of others who have reason to be angry at religion.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read. Thought provoking but I have to admit I was amused and couldnt help laughing as I read it.

Andy said...

Yo man,

I'm sorry, but this guy is as close-minded as the people he criticizes. I once watched a Westwing episode that said "Islamic extremists are to Islamics as the KKK are to Christians." It's one in a million people who take the Bible, Koran, or whatever religious text they have, and turn into extremists.

One of the points he tries to make in the article is that us religious people try to avoid that which doesn't make sense. To embrace only certain parts of the Bible, and reject the rest. Uhh, isn't that what we do with EVERYTHING? Not only with the Bible, but with our textbooks. History, Philosophy, even Math and Chemistry. Some of the greatest mathematical formulas have been proven wrong. We all tend to take PART of something, embrace that as true, and reject what we don't like.

People like Bush embraced shit like Sodom & Gomorrah and rejected shit like Jesus' teachings of acceptance and forgiveness. Majority of Christians aren't like that. Majority of Islamics aren't like that. He takes all people who believe in a religion, and casts them into one big pot and deems them wrong.

You take an extremist, and they can take the best idea and abuse it. Zealotry is why the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Don't blame the religions that give people hope and inspiration. Blame the abusers of the religion.

thinking said...

i agree with you andy

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