Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Singaporean Mentality Series - Part 2

Evil begets evil.

How many times have you heard/seen this kind of situation? A friend of yours at a restaurant (or store), asking the waiter/waitress (or sales person) why this is like this or that is like that, and makes ridiculous demands of how they deserve a discount or a free meal if certain demands are not met. Then after scaring the hell out of the waiter/waitress/salesperson or manager and getting what they want, they turn to you in private saying "See, must like that one. Then you'll get what you want."

I saw something similar a few days ago at a Pizzahut restaurant. This Chinese guy, behaving like he was trying to impress the caucasian counterpart that he's dating, started to make demands in the restaurant like he deserved to be treated like a king. No magic words like "please?". It was all with a commanding tone that told the waitress "could you remove this and that from the dish?". Then after the waitress took back the dish and left, he turned to the date and said "It's all about service man. These days very important." And then before the dish came back, this girl mentioned that she's not feeling well, and so he asked the waitress back again. "Can u cancel that dish? ... my friend not feeling well. Can u take it out of the bill? I settle the bill now". Well, so where's the "I am so sorry about this?". Nope cos the word sorry or a friendly tone would make him seem "unmanly".

This is just one extreme example of how things get. I see similar things happening in my own restaurant too. There was once this guy (on a blind date), was trying to behave like an asshole to impress the girl. When he tried to order this particular dish, and my waitress said "sorry, we're out of that dish", and he made use of that opportunity to act nasty to impress. "What do you mean? How can you not have this dish? What kind of a restaurant is this?" My staff was taken aback at this reaction. It wasn't as if an order was taken and then we came back to apologize. And the worse part, the girl looked like she was so impressed at his behavior and her smile seems to fuel his eagerness to give my staff a tougher time.

This also brings to mind one of my earliest experience in military service. The 1st day. The sergeant singled me out while going through the 11Bs (an ID card for servicemen), and asked me "What's so funny?". I was totally taken aback and didn't understand what he meant. Apparently he wanted to give me a hard time just because the photo that was on my 11B, was one in which I smiled.

Singaporean always have this mentality that in order to get your way, you must be mean or nasty. The people around us, the system and our Singaporean society, always have a mentality that nice guys finish last, so you shouldn't be nice. Thus resulting in everyone being nasty or mean to one another. Thus what do u see around you now? People on the streets who looks like they are pissed off all the time. You crossed your vision with someone, and they wanna assert a certain manhood and they will ask "Stare what stare?" or give u the "stare what stare" look. You smile at people on the streets, people think 1) siao ah? or 2) what's so funny? You hold doors for people, and people just walk through like they deserved it.

Evil begets evil. We probably deserved the bad services we receive these days. It's Karma.


tscd said...

Do you think it's purely a Singaporean thing or a Chinese culture thing? 'Cos I don't see our Malay or Indian Singaporeans behaving like that.

Bitchy Witchy said...

I think tscd has a point...i seem to notice that the Chinese population seems to do it a little more...maybe it's the homeland mentality in them. Or maybe they just think that they're entitled to a free meal - bastards!

Yee-Wei Chai said...

I think you're right. Chinese tend to be a little selfish (or at least among those that I see) and the Indian friends that I have seems to be less of an asshole and more gentlemanly in general. (discalimer: chinese have some nice traits too, just that this is just a short general comment) Of course I would not wanna drift too deeply into this discussion for fear of being sued under the sedition act. See how a court case has affected how we even comment on blogs?? And my dear bitchy witchy, be careful with your "bastards" :P .. u never know if there are some angry chinese who will drag your ass down to court for stirring discomfort among the chinese community. :P

Bitchy Witchy said...

Yea, yea, yea...sigh, rapped on the knuckles for having an opinion - welcome to da free country!

Carol said...

Singaporeans just sucks.. TSCD. u have not seen the indians yet.. I mean some indians.. they are different, less nasty but more proud talking down to you and make you feel little.. whereas, chinese.. hahaha purely wannabes lor. sad but i am a chinese myself. But I am nice.. if i do not like the place, i will not come back.. thats all.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are cold-blooded smelly creatures who worship money.

Ugly bastards.

Anonymous said...

I think this is not necessary true. There are always good and bad people in a community. It's just the matter of how they are grown up and educated.

Afterall, I have a feeling that people with higher social status will behave humble as they are confident.

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