Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The old Capitol cinema should be restored to its former glory

Since they published my letter in the forum. Here's sharing it with my readers here too.

To: ST Forum


I am writing with regards to the Capitol Building/Cinema at the junction of Stamford Rd and North Bridge Road. The building from my understanding is a conservation unit, and it being preserved. However, I am very dismayed to see the current state that it is in and why nothing has been done in the past decade (decades?) to restore, maintain or preserve this piece of our history?

From what I have heard (I have no way of verifying, but maybe Straits Times is able to find this out), the building is now under the jurisdiction of Singapore Tourism Board. I would hope that this letter would find its way to the people in charge of this building and make them get off their laurels and do something about this historic piece.

I had fond memories of going to this cinema back in my secondary school days. I recall the theatre as one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. With 2 Pegasuses sculptures flanking each side of the huge screen, circle seats on a 2nd level and its classic architecture, this place is a work of art. There are also beautiful paintings of astrological signs at the dome ceiling at the top. Why are all these left to rot under the sun over the past 20 years? Why is it not even maintained at all? Considering the how strong the push for the arts are these days, why aren't Capitol building reopened to cater to the myriad of musicals, plays, concerts and theater productions out there?

I hope to hear something from the authorities regarding this issue and hope to see something done for Capitol Building. I believe myself, and many people out there would love to volunteer our efforts to clean up the place and restore Capitol to its former glory.


Mr Chai Yee-Wei


Rummybean said...

And it's a great letter, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree to your statement....a city as rich as Singapore should be able to restore such a marvel...


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