Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Actresses, Docs, Lawyers etc ... not normal people

Read this article that was on channelnewsasia's website about the slump in used car market. What stood out was this quote from a saleman.

"Said Raymond Tang of Yong Lee Seng Motor, "We see more professional customers, high-end, coming to see us, not just normal people but doctors, lawyers, actors and actresses."

I see .... if you're a doc, lawyer, actor or actress ... you're not normal. :)*
Interesting choice of words make for a good morning's laugh. When they say we need to improve our English, I think it goes way beyond grammar* and vocabulary. The phrasing and all can really make a difference.

Click here for article

*Update: Yeah thanks for a heads up the readers :P Sorry for the booboo


Anonymous said...

The guy is an idiot. rummybean

Tempest Blue said...

Funny. I noticed that little snippet on TV as well.

I guess its part of the old mentality where these professions somehow elevate people to a higher status than working-class people.

Anonymous said...

I think it's just wrong word choice. It should be 'ordinary people'.


Yaevlejunce said...

Your own sentence is wrong. You wrote:

I see .... if you're not a doc, lawyer actor or actresses ... you're not normal. :)

It should've been without one of the "not"s?

Anonymous said...

Ah.. sorry, I'm just nitpicking here... Grammar should be spelled with an 'a'. :-p

Yee-Wei Chai said...

Well picked :P .. thanks

Beng said...

Haha... but I thought actors and actresses ARE adnormal people?

Alvin said...

There was a New Paper headline years & years back that proclaimed: "Dead maid's secret love affair", wish I had my camera with me then.

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