Tuesday, October 11, 2005

iPod Tax

Japan is the latest to join in the fray of demanding that a tax be imposed on MP3 players like Ipods, to pay for the lost revenues due to home copying. This is truly ridiculous. We buy a product, and if we make copies of it at home, we should not be taxed for doing so. We paid for the rights to the freaking tracks, so we own the tracks that we paid for. I might be able to understand it if their argument was otherwise, but the reason for the tax being "home copying" is just ridiculous.

I don't need to pay to place my music for every device that I place them on. I should be able to buy a CD, and make a copy of it to play in my different rooms or rip a copy to bring it along in my portable player. This is not about piracy, where it involves giving the copies to others. This is about fairplay.


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