Monday, July 30, 2007

Be Happy :)

Since Pessimism and Optimism are both delusions, why not stick with the happier choice?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Homo Phobic Young PAP

Once and again, our dear PAP will say something stupid. But unlike most of other people like us who criticise and oppose (oppositions), they won't get much shit for it. This recent post that I read on the young PAP bloggers (some blog site set up by the young PAP (MP potentials?) to represent the Government's viewpoint), just shows how plain closeminded they are and seriously homophobic.

Here they paint the horrible picture of how singapore would become if laws allow gays to behave the way they should. Woah .. you should read how scary it is.

"Imagine men walking hand in hand with other men down Orchard Road, kissing, fondling and making out.

For that matter, imagine all that taking place on the MRT.

Instead of teachers dealing with boy-girl relationships, teachers would have to deal with boy-boy relationships.

Then, you might have the homosexuals all over Asia descending upon Singapore to flaunt what they cannot in their own countries."

They talk as if all homosexuals have no sense of shame, and as if regular heterosexuals actually make out in Orchard Rd for everyone to see normally. I say if any heterosexuals kiss, fondle and make out (or just say petting lah) in MRT, people would have been shocked anyways. I recall when I was in kindergarten, they make us hold hands with our "partners" when we line up. So I bet these Young PAP MPs would have freaked out the moment they see that eh?

Gek Sim ... :P

The original poster of the entry in the young PAP blog added a comment in the comment section that further shows his view (and possibly PAP's?) on homosexuality.

"Leaving aside my religious views on this matter, I am against any change of law/policy on homosexuals because:

1. They threaten the social fabric of the nation. Their ways represent an alternative for which we should not accept as being mainstream.

2. They cannot procreate and thus cannot produce offspring for our nation.

3. They cannot serve as soldiers because instead of serving alongside our men in green, they are more keen to sodomise them.

I do not accept the notion that homosexuals are "creative" and thus we need homosexuals to make our nation more "creative". There is no evidence to suggest that homosexuals are any more or less creative than heterosexuals.

If an analysis is done, they seem to bring more problems than benefits."

My goodness. What disturb me the most is point #3. Walau!! Does he even know any homosexuals as friends at all? Does he think that homosexuals only think abt sodomizing pple everywhere they go??

And who the hell suggested to him "homosexuals are needed to make the nation creative"? Did he just make it up to justify the statement that homosexuals are not any more or less creative than heterosexual?

This guy is utterly hopeless ...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Apathy in our government.

Last night, I sat around a bunch of 6-8 people who were sharing their thoughts on what they are unhappy about the PAP government. Ok ok ... it was like a complaining session. But on hindsight, thinking about what were discussed, it wasn't really about how we were all affected by their methods of governing. After all, almost everyone there are either married or partly married, have a stable job and income ... nothing really much to complain about. But what I was really glad is that, these generation of adults (er hem ... us 20-30 year olds :D) were talking about the plight of our poorer counterparts, how the lower income people are suffering, and how out of touch our current ruling party is. Basically summing up the adjectives to describe the PAP: arrogant, out of touch, apathy and unfair.

I am particularly disturbed about the obvious apathy on the side of our government. They way they were so relunctant to increase the subsistence allowance for the elders living alone from $260/mth to $290/mth, and yet proclaiming themselves to be a combination of Bill Gates+George Soros+Mother Theresa shows what kind of individuals they are. The insensitive daughter of an MP who spoke like an elitist well groomed (and supported in claims) by putting down individuals whom she deems lazy by her standards points to the kind of vicious cycle we are in. Our new PAP talents who are so well paid by our taxes and increasing GST are just a bunch of insensitive and thoughtless people who have not seen the real sufferings of the ever increasing population who receives less than $1200/mth - just like their increasingly out of touch senior mentors. Have they actually visited these 1 room flats in Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Chai Chee and many other parts of the island? Have they looked in their faces and tell them, "eh, you're not contributing to the society anymore, so sorry, only $260 for u".

The wake up call for these MPs will have to come, but I am not sure in what form it will take. A 60% win of a GRC versus a self projected 80% i suspect will only impact so much as a forgettable slap on the ego. When they haven't have to take a 1 over hour travel ride to work eveyday on their so called world class public transport system, and start complaining about why we singaporeans are not content with what we have - I think they have seriously learn the meaning of "putting themselves in others shoes". And maybe they are, but they are still thinking in terms of "Oh if I am in their shoes, I would do this and that" when they should be asking "What kind of environment and opportunities are provided to these people that cause them to be in the state they are in?"

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blood Ties :)

Here here .... I've avoided discussing my film related stuff here for a while and I guess, it is about time I write a little bit about my latest "award winning" short film. 還魂Blood Ties

Qing was the sole witness to her brother’s murder. But when her brother’s murderers turn up dead, things don’t appear to be as simple as it seems. Madam Lee, after having to cope with the recent death of her son, now has to deal with the possibility that her daughter is involved with the deaths of these killers.

So far, it has won at 2 competitions.

1) MDA Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta - 3rd Prize
2) Rebel Planet of Hollywood Short Film Fest - 2nd Prize (Horror Category)

And it is official selection for the upcoming Celebrate Drama 2007 Festival. Blood Ties will be screened at the Art House this weekend 28th and 29th of July at 645pm and 415pm respectively. Free Admission.

It is also official selection at a Singapore film Festival the Beijing Film Academy on 11-15 Oct 2007. So if you're in Beijing, hey watch out for it. :) It will be among 27 shorts selected which includes some from Royston Tan, Wee LiLin and other established filmmakers.

There's also a website for my film up at Watch the trailer there!
I will be updating the website as more news of the short film comes in. Currently, a feature version is being worked on and is being prepped for release next year. :) I will be releasing more news about the feature in future too :)

In the meantime, hope to see you at the screening! :) Come and say hi to me if you like it :D

Funniest thing I heard today

Went for a health screening at SGH today .... just to confirm that I am still ok to do things to endanger it :D
No lah ... but basicall y.. took my blood, pee and crap ... Yup ... Crap ... as in the waste from the hershey highway - My Stool :)

I was handed a little thingy to poke my stool with 7 times (why 7 times, I dunno, I think I did 8 but what the heck) and then place that thing into a tiny bottle.

The nurse told me step by step what to do:

1) You go and pass motion

2) Take a piece of toilet paper and place your stool on it.

3) Then take this thing and poke it 7 times at different places.

4) Bring only this thingy back to us

5) Throw away the toilet paper and your stool.

Then I went: "You mean, got people actually brought their stool back to you?"

She went," Yah lah ... some bring the whole thing back. Very disgusting"

I was laughing my head off with that auntie nurse. :) Clear and PRECISE instructions are very important.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Fav new drink - Pi Pa Mi

Wow ....

For those who grew up drinking "Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao" as their solution to runny noses and phlegmy throats ... Check this out!!

The Pi Pa Mi

I didn't know they make this into a drink. Like drinking cough syrup .. but hey .. who cares if it tastes good :D
The design of the can is so traditional I bet it won't last very long before they realise that they wanna improve and modernize it. :D But man isit classic :D

Restless man ....

Been feeling mighty restless of late ...And this only happens when I am too free.

Just a day ago, my business partner brought a "sifu" to the new location of our upcoming 2nd branch to check if there are any "bad spirits" hanging around. Man I have always been a sucker for things as such ... and of course i will go and ask her to check out my palm. And she says i am workaholic ... and I couldn't agree more.... i just couldn't sit still ... i even have plans on what I wanna do until the day I can't move around very much and up to the minute i die

People always ask "what do u want to do when you grow up?" .. yet I find myself constantly asking myself .. "what do I want to do till I die?" .. And there are so many things ... The good thing is, as I grew older, those things gets lesser as I tried them all ... and you noticing that remaining items getting more focused. The thing about as you age, the more you know what you wanna do certainly rings true. Might have arrived a little later for me, but betetr late than never. I know people at age 45 still unhappy with life, not knowing what they are doing and doing things which they hate. I am very lucky.

So i have digressed .. once again ... many a times I've got no idea what the hell I wanna write and just write .. then many of times it is just pointless ... or the point changes ....

So for readers who wanna gain some enlightnement or value from this post, I guess it would be to, hey do what you love man ... you got 1 lifetime right now ... to do what u want, and find out what makes you happy the most. Spend the time doing what you love :)

I am just restless .... hahahha