Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blood Ties :)

Here here .... I've avoided discussing my film related stuff here for a while and I guess, it is about time I write a little bit about my latest "award winning" short film. 還魂Blood Ties

Qing was the sole witness to her brother’s murder. But when her brother’s murderers turn up dead, things don’t appear to be as simple as it seems. Madam Lee, after having to cope with the recent death of her son, now has to deal with the possibility that her daughter is involved with the deaths of these killers.

So far, it has won at 2 competitions.

1) MDA Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta - 3rd Prize
2) Rebel Planet of Hollywood Short Film Fest - 2nd Prize (Horror Category)

And it is official selection for the upcoming Celebrate Drama 2007 Festival. Blood Ties will be screened at the Art House this weekend 28th and 29th of July at 645pm and 415pm respectively. Free Admission.

It is also official selection at a Singapore film Festival the Beijing Film Academy on 11-15 Oct 2007. So if you're in Beijing, hey watch out for it. :) It will be among 27 shorts selected which includes some from Royston Tan, Wee LiLin and other established filmmakers.

There's also a website for my film up at Watch the trailer there!
I will be updating the website as more news of the short film comes in. Currently, a feature version is being worked on and is being prepped for release next year. :) I will be releasing more news about the feature in future too :)

In the meantime, hope to see you at the screening! :) Come and say hi to me if you like it :D

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