Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Restless man ....

Been feeling mighty restless of late ...And this only happens when I am too free.

Just a day ago, my business partner brought a "sifu" to the new location of our upcoming 2nd branch to check if there are any "bad spirits" hanging around. Man I have always been a sucker for things as such ... and of course i will go and ask her to check out my palm. And she says i am workaholic ... and I couldn't agree more.... i just couldn't sit still ... i even have plans on what I wanna do until the day I can't move around very much and up to the minute i die

People always ask "what do u want to do when you grow up?" .. yet I find myself constantly asking myself .. "what do I want to do till I die?" .. And there are so many things ... The good thing is, as I grew older, those things gets lesser as I tried them all ... and you noticing that remaining items getting more focused. The thing about as you age, the more you know what you wanna do certainly rings true. Might have arrived a little later for me, but betetr late than never. I know people at age 45 still unhappy with life, not knowing what they are doing and doing things which they hate. I am very lucky.

So i have digressed .. once again ... many a times I've got no idea what the hell I wanna write and just write .. then many of times it is just pointless ... or the point changes ....

So for readers who wanna gain some enlightnement or value from this post, I guess it would be to, hey do what you love man ... you got 1 lifetime right now ... to do what u want, and find out what makes you happy the most. Spend the time doing what you love :)

I am just restless .... hahahha

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