Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Funniest thing I heard today

Went for a health screening at SGH today .... just to confirm that I am still ok to do things to endanger it :D
No lah ... but basicall y.. took my blood, pee and crap ... Yup ... Crap ... as in the waste from the hershey highway - My Stool :)

I was handed a little thingy to poke my stool with 7 times (why 7 times, I dunno, I think I did 8 but what the heck) and then place that thing into a tiny bottle.

The nurse told me step by step what to do:

1) You go and pass motion

2) Take a piece of toilet paper and place your stool on it.

3) Then take this thing and poke it 7 times at different places.

4) Bring only this thingy back to us

5) Throw away the toilet paper and your stool.

Then I went: "You mean, got people actually brought their stool back to you?"

She went," Yah lah ... some bring the whole thing back. Very disgusting"

I was laughing my head off with that auntie nurse. :) Clear and PRECISE instructions are very important.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Whao! Tis is totally hilarious. Can't imagine ppl actually bringing the whole piece of sh*t back to the poor nurse! ahahha!! ;p