Thursday, November 18, 2004

Gays and Trannies ... toilet adventure

Today, I went to the toilet .... and I didn't notice that I was followed by a woman. When I was in there, and I noticed the female was tagging behind me, I got worried. Did I enter the wrong toilet?? I turned around, just to double check, half expecting the lady to be embarrassed. But as I turned (think slow motion), I noticed that the lady was a rather tall one. She kinda avoided me quickly and ran into the first cubicle. Then i heard, the seat lifted, and almost immediately, a gush of water pouring into the toilet bowl. Then as I saw the urinals against the wall, I confirmed a few things.
1) I am in a Male's toilet
2) That was a Man-woman.

That set me thinking. Should a trannie (transvestite) - a male turned female - enter a male's toilet or female's toilet? Or should a gay enter a male's toilet or female one? Who should we protect, the real deal or the converted?

Share your thoughts?? :)

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Yuhui said...

I think it's fine for them to use the male toilet. It might be worse towards women if they use the female toilet. They could use the female toilet if they've gone the whole way, i.e. sex change, hormones, etc.