Sunday, November 14, 2004

Week review 14-Nov 2004

Highlight of the week: Karaoke twice a week? Bad for my throat, but good for my karma. ;) New shelf and new chair from Ikea ... :) I am easy to please.

Downs of the week: Breakup news of my close friends.

Main Plot(s)/Theme(s): The main theme of the week seems to be breaking up/letting go. Sub-plots include my good friend Alex's adventures after the return of his wedding ring from his ex. Ouch? But he got over rather quickly with a little help from yours truly and some cool recommendations. ;) Another interesting subplot- Karaoke dramas, people storming in and out of the room, not your typical K-ing experience. :)

Song of the week: Oasis - Don't look back in Anger. Got an unplugged version of the song that sounded awesome! Legit of course. :)

Movie of the week: Shark Tales. What a downer!

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