Friday, November 26, 2004

Embrace the change

It is a very depressing week. Lack of understanding, difficulty in trying to get ideas across, conflicts, and the inability to act within traditional confines. I hate being tied down by conventions, and I hate following trends. But working in an environment where people are unwilling to change and would rather play safe, is extremely stifling and unbearably annoying.

I feel helpless, ineffective, and caged. Why put me through these if you want me to come and exact changes? Why not do things differently so that people will be caught unaware? When unconventional ways of approach is exacted, there'll be no basis for comparison, cos there's no competition.

The disconnect between radical thinking and being secure, is the main reason for the lack of innovation. High risks, high returns. I am willing to take the risks, but sad to say, not many will. They'd rather die a slow and steady death, then to try different ways to capture the flag.

I urge all my friends to think different, not just out of the box, but throw out the box, kick the box and if the box is in the way, replace the box with something else. The world keeps turning, because people change. We would still be living in the 60s if no one tried anything new, or if we never tried to innovate, or if we didn't try to dream. There will be no inventions if there're no one willing to take chances. Embrace the change, and love it. Resist it, and stay in the same spot forever.

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Thinking said...

Wow. You have just broken the stereotype I had of Singaporeans.