Sunday, November 14, 2004

Shark tales/Finding Nemo

Dreamworks has gotta get some creative juices pumping and stop hitting on others for ideas .. and I am talking about their animation studios. Though I do admit, I LOVE shrek1 and shrek2. However, the rest of their animated features are just ... underwhelming. After all the glowing reviews from friends and more friends, I told myself I just gotta check it out. And check it out I did last night.

Now Shark tales is not too bad. Really. It really wasn't as bad as I thought, but honestly, it is not good either. It was rather lousy, just not as lousy as I thought it would be. There were a few jokes that made me smile, but none that made me laugh. The main character played by Will Smith, somehow felt subdued and he didn't even seemed to be havin as much fun as I see him in other movies like "Independence Day", "Bad Boys" etc. Robert De Niro's Shark also pulled in an unispired voice acting.

Shrek was clever and witty, but Shark Tales was like a kid trying to be a smart alec. Was it by any chance that Dreamworks tried to rush out "Antz" when Pixar was releasing "A Bug's Life", and now "Shark tales" came right after Pixar's roaring underwater success "Finding Nemo". It is obvious with all of Dreamwork's efforts, they are trying to build an image that "we are making animations for the thinking adults". Though Pixar's animation works are generally more "family oriented", they succeed at being seemingly kiddy, yet having adult thematics and feelings injected into them. Pixar tries to be kiddy with the looks and animation, yet adult with their topics. Dreamworks tries to be adult both in their dialogues and character designs, and you can see this in almost all their efforts, yet so far, the only one that shone through was Shrek. Was it by any chance that Shrek was also not designed to knock off anyone's efforts, but by being creative and original?

Creativity and innovation drives the market and there can be no better examples than Shrek and Pixar's animated features.

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