Friday, November 05, 2004

2 days of lives

These past 2 days almost felt like a scheme, a setup of sorts that had things happening and people interacting with me that gives me an opportunity to reflect on my own life. Or maybe it is just pure coincidence. Really the past 2 days almost seemed like a drama unfolding upon me, like the movie magnolia, where lives of seemingly unrelated people, intertwined and affecting one another. Granted my life is not as disastrous as those in the movie, but the events are pretty dramatic of sorts - in their own little ways.

1) Cash problem. - I needed cash urgently. Something happened int he past 2 days, that seemed to help suddenly with this problem. My stocks went up by a few thousand dollars, and I just gotten a few payments from my own personal projects ... and they all happened in the same few days. The balance is neutral. Though normally I would have been pretty upset with the sudden lack of cash but this time, everything unrelated happening recently seemed to have cushioned the whole situation. Luck? Coincidence?

2) 2 nights ago, a customer of mine came by to pick up his wedding DVD which I should have prepared, but forgot to bring. He had several times wanted to pay for my wedding video services but never got the chance to. He did so that night without picking up the DVD even though i insisted there's no need to. Guess what? the money did come in handy the very next day.

3) Now the DVD ... since my client didn't pick up the DVD 2 nights ago when he was supposed to, he promised to come by last night. Something cropped up, and he couldn't make it. That in turn led to a serious of events that could only be accounted as fate .... The DVD on my counter, attracted a small talk with this customer of mine, and we eventually sat down and engaged in a very interesting conversation. This man, let's just call him Peter, seemed to share plenty of likes and interests with me and we talk quite a bit about short filmmaking, the importance of a strong script and story, and editing and the works. A new friend made, in a matter of minutes, through a series of seemingly unconnected events ....

4) Now that's not the end. He went on to open up to me and told me about his own life. I have this weird ability of somehow making people feel comfortable opening up to me and talking to me like they've known me for years. But anyhow, I learnt that he is now undergoing a separation, and have 3 children. He told me how old they were but I didn't quite remember, but one of them being 22mths. Now why is this significant to mention? Guess what? I had just let someone go at my other workplace (who was recently separated and has a kid of ) just one day before. Now is this a sign? What is this whole situation trying to tell me?

5) Now talking about the person I had let go 2 days ago. It was for some very strange reasons but both the party and myself understood that it was not an easy decision. He ended up being the one consoling me and telling me that there's no hard feelings. It is never easy to fire anyone, no matter what reasons there may be. But this time, it almost seemed like he was fated to leave, and I was fated to be the one to make the decision to let him go. Very hard to explain, but somehow, all these things seem to happen for a reason.

6) Now this last thing seemed unconnected to the above 5 matters, but I have a feeling that I am scheduled to receive the news only yesterday. One of my staff have been very down in the past few weeks. The past 2 days, things seemed to have gone for the worst. She would come in, and stare into blankness, and suddenly tears would flow from her eyes. I tried to reach out to her but she would refuse to talk to me (or anyone for that matter). Initially I had thought it was due to the recent wage/tips which I had withheld from everyone but I had learnt of the truth last night finally. It appears that her grandmother was very very ill. I supposed it must be life threatening or it wouldn't have affected her so bad. Now this news affected me most personally. Why you may ask? My own mother recently had a relapse of a condition of hers which I didn;t think much of before. She had to be rushed to the doctor and I took a day off (there's no excuse in this case:P) to bring her to my friend's wife who is a doctor. My mom was given a full checkup, and found out that she was under too much stress, and that's why she kept fainting. My employee's sadness suddenly triggered me to ask myself, "How would I feel should something bad really happen to my mom?" This reminded me of one of the reasons why I was working so hard - I need to make sure I can take care of my brothers, and especially my youngest sister (and god knows, my father?) should any (touch wood) bad things happen. I need to be prepared ....

7) Now the 2 persons that I mentioned before who were separated? Meeting them strengthened my will to work harder because my family is in a similar situation. I won't go into details, but those who are close to me should understand what I mean. I am the only one who can help the rest of the family should any bad things happen. Maybe this is the final message of them all - I should be ready for the worst.

Just Like in Magnolia .... one of my favourite movies, now I see lives of many different people, intertwined with mine. Their stories inspiring me, and giving me hints on how I should lead mine. Signs that scream out to me, to see the connection of people around me and how I should treasure my every moment, my every opportunity and my every aquaintance. I am very grateful for all the good things and the bad. I just wish I could help others see things the way I do too.

Ok ... probably the longest blog entry I've ever written so far. This could be my new story. :)

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