Monday, November 29, 2004

The very thought of you.

The very thought of you,
sends the shiver down my spine.
The evil thoughts of your ways,
skewer the mess out of my brain.
Whenever you make a move,
I will never cease to behold.
The wonderment of your motion,
is a dangerous distraction.
You are a dangerous attention,
I know but I couldn't bear the consequences.
The result of your absence,
would be of dire circumstances.

No other roads that will lead to my redemption.
I know the failure but I could not bear not to mention.
My deepest feelings to confess,
is the honesty I want to profess.
To tear away the mask that I wear,
which hides the truth that I cannot bear.
Everyday the question beckons,
Though the answer is probably in the open.
The risk of rejection is clear,
but the price of regret is dear.
Maybe this pursuit is not about the question,
but the timing of the entire situation.
Perhaps Patience is a hard game to play,
But I think I have no choice anyway.

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