Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Who listens to this crap anyways?

My friend just bought a CD for me from taiwan recently. It was a greatest hits of "wawa" 娃娃, and I truly enjoyed it. I tried to let a few of my friends listen to it, and most of them looked at me in puzzlement and asked "What the F@#@ is this?". "Really," they asked "who listens to this S@## anymore?" Indeed, indeed.

Now I started flipping through all the CDs and DVDs that I have collected over the years, and generally, they do contain plenty of obscure, hard to find items. Oh no, they are not like antique where they rise in prices. They are more akin to being my time capsule, kinda like my diary, my collections of memories, and they complement my photos, which document my life. Well, who cares if nobody listens to them But if you could recognize some of the mentions below, please drop me a note and lemme know that I am not alone :)

1) Huang zhan 黃霑
2) Wa wa 娃娃
3) Eric Moo 巫啟賢
4) Zeng Shu Qing 曾淑勤
5) Su Rei 蘇芮 
6) Zhou Zhi Ping 周治平
7) Sam hui 許冠傑

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