Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fav Movies of 2004 Overview

Ok ... this is my list of the year ... in no particular order. These are movies which I have watched only. I am sure there are those like "Aviator" and "Million Dollar Baby" that could have been on this list, but it wouldn't be fair if I have never watched them before. Well, I might revise it again when I have watched them at a later time, or they will be on my next year's list. for now, these are exceptional in my opinion, this year. Feel free to add comments or any recommendations.

1. Kill Bill Vol. 2
2. Spider-man 2
3. The Terminal
4. The Passion of the Christ
5. The Incredibles
6. Farenheiht 9/11
7. The Twilight Samurai
8. Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow
9. The Identity

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