Saturday, December 11, 2004

Week Review 11-Dec 2004

Yup it is not the end of the week yet, but since I had missed last week's review, so here's one that covers them all.

Overall: Things seemed to have gotten worse since the last post. Work related shit is bogging me. Then there's the health aspect, which isn't faring too well either. Lotsa things happened these 2 weeks. Highlights are as follows:
1) Brought the kids to watch the incredibles
2) Shitty things at work
3) Did the videowork for the Marathon. Very bad case of Sunburn.
4) More Shitty things at work
5) Actually managed to teach a bunch of P5s to do a simple strucure for a website for Melrose Children Home
6) Got a special version of one of my fav movies - 笑傲江湖Swordsman. Yipee!
7) Even more Shitty things at work

The word on the street is things are not getting any brighter - and i am bracing for greater change. Maybe the best way is start afresh is to be radical. And maybe I need to be a bit more radical than I thought I am capable of.

Song of the week: 爱の初体验 Well, basically I've been listening to 张振狱's album for quite a bit this 2 weeks. Got the CD mah. And this is the track I turned to most often when I was driving. But he is quite the man! The songs he writes are quirky and personal. Very cool! A close second would be 沧海一声笑,but the DVD came late in the week and I had spent more time with the prior disc. But this might make it to being next week's song of the week. We'll see. :)

Movie of the 2 weeks: Watched the Incredibles and National Treasure. National treasure has got some pretty bad one liners. Incredibles was much better than I expected. Guess the trophy goes to the superhero family.

Lows: Boatloads of Shit at work. Family problems - probably hinting at a boring chinese new year this 2005. Better plan to leave the country for an escape. Feb 8 is not too far away.

Highs: not much. not much. Little moments to myself. To think and ponder.

Dudes of the week: Alex Lui and Gerald Tew. You guys stuck through with me through all the bad times and the good. Thanks for being there all the time. Alex, probably because you are not attached that's why you have been so free, but hey, I appreciate the company anyways. Wow ... I have actually known you guys for more than 22years!!! How gay is that? :P

Quote of the week:
Actually a quote from a friend who probably stole it from somewhere else.
"Beneath every bunch of beautiful roses, there's always a pile of shit"
Well said ... well said :P

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