Saturday, December 11, 2004

Screw it - gotta find happies

Depressing times are here. But I still need to keep my state of mind sane and healthy. Wrote 2 scripts over the last 2 weeks. And I am planning to shoot one of them for a competition in April/May 2005. These "creative" exercises for the brain help to keep my mental state in balance. Spoken to a friend few nites ago who wanted to know how to sell a wireless network product in Singapore - talking about all these technical mambo jumbo was quite the liberating exercise. Chance for me to think out of the box makes me ALIVE.

Exercising the mind - this is one thing that keep oneself fresh and young. Same principle as doing workouts or physical exercises - it makes one feel more rejuvenated. How do I do this? Now my methods might be different, but this may just work for ya! ;-)
1) Talk about possiblities and dare to dream
2) Keep asking "what ifs"
3) Look at how people are doing it, understand why, see if you can throw it all away. Re-invent the wheel.
4) Ask why, instead of just following.
5) Put yourself in your customers' shoes - would you eat your own dog food?
7) Try doing something you've never thought you could do.
8) How to outdo your peers? By doing something that is totally different, so no one can compare.

Ok ... how cryptic can these things get? Use your imagination and see if you could figure how to apply these things to your everyday life - you might do things you never thought you possibly could. ;-)

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