Thursday, December 02, 2004

Smooth sailing in the rough seas?

It was the best of times .... and I had my share of it. Now is the worst of times and I am having my fill. I think life is like the economy - you have the boom time ... then you have the cyclical depression. I have been trying to fight this drought for a while, and it is taking its toll. I am still trying to keep an optimistic outlook, but life never let you have it your way. When things happen, it comes in spades - be it good or bad.

Sailing in the seas, there are times when life is as calm (or boring? or stagnant?) as the stillwater. Then there are times, when the weather is good and windy, as things are going your way. Then the rough waters hit and the bad storms arrive, you have to prepare for the worse. But anytime in the course of sailing, life goes on. Calm or rough waters, life still carries on. And thus I have to find a way to survive, unless I want to give up fighting.

Surrender ... ah ... what an easy word to spell, and what an easy thing to do. It is the devil's temptation. It is the easy way out. It is his plan to make you give up and submit to his bidding. But could it also be God's will to humble me down and he wants to me surrender so I would lower my pride? It could be interpreted in so many ways.

Nonetheless, fight i am going to. But for much longer can I withstand? And how much further can I travel? The lonely seas with no end, where will find my land, my hope? Would North be true? Why Should I? ....

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Beaker said...

So I finally surfed onto the site and man, you are depressing! So here's my 2-cents: Everyone does get their share of crap once in a while and the one thing I learned is that you and only you are the master of your destiny.

That said, my advice is that you should never let anything get stagnant, or even worse...give up. If things cannot go your way, stop, take a break, re-assess, get a second opinion, change direction and plot another course! And remember, you'll always have support!