Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Week Review 19-Dec 2004

Event of the week: Christmas carolling at Curry Favor. The choir made my customers happy and I made them very happy with the opportunity and the food too. So it was a great happy holy night! :) But hey! They didn't sing my favourite!!! Oh yah and Li Fei Hui, an old timer in the local music scene came to my restaurant. I could hardly recognize him, but eventually, I was still psyched by his presence. Like coming face to face with your idol when you were young, I was kinda lost for words. Should've been a lil' bit more inquisitive. :)

Worst movie of the week: Blade Trinity ... Ok maybe it wasn't fair .. I fell asleep during the final climatic fight and only woke to find Mr Dracula dying. But this movie truly sucked .... Singapore's market doesn't warrant enough power to bring in the less commercial movies like "Million Dollar Baby" so we have to content with lousy big names movies like this one. Sorry that many singaporeans will have to watch such a stupid piece of crap during this holiday season .. or choose not to watch at all. Why did this vampire flick suck(:P) ? I just have to name one reason: Dracula looked like a Guess Model dressed to kill (literally) and running like a monkey throughout the entire film.

Activity of the week: Trip planning. Gonna go away on a trip during Chinese New Year. Initially thought is gonna be me, Kathryn, Liz Birdy and her friend to Maldives. Then discovered we got all the dates messed up. Now replanning with just me and Kat. I would really wanna go Maldives or Mauritius, but with Kathryn alone?? ... hmm .. maybe i should reserve that trip with my future gf instead. Right now, Japan would be the most likely choice. Keeping my fingers crossed... woohoo

Song of the Week: 綠色的水滴(Green water droplets) This song is by 丘丘合唱團(Chiu Chiu Band?) and the lead Singer was 娃娃(Doll). Ok ok ... what the F@#$ was that? This is a chinese group from the early eighties. The lead singer is one of my favourite and as she enter the 90s, she released a series of albums which I thoroughly adore. Now she is no longer singing but she still continues to write lyrics for songs. You'd be surprised what songs she has penned lyrics for - if you listen to chinese pop that is. But anyways, this is one pop cheezy tune that really brings back lotsa memory of my secondary school days.

Theme of the week: Blast from the Past!!!

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