Saturday, December 04, 2004

Fav Movies of 2004 Part 3

Just watched the Incredibles yesterday. Woohoo! This is one head banging, hair swishing, and tree swinging movie that blows your mind. Just gotta write about it before the excitement fades. This is definitely one of the top 10 of the year!

The Incredibles:
This is really a great movie. Great way to end the year and the guys at Pixar has definitely delivered once again. The way they weave the relationship of all the characters are amazing. Every character are oozing with their own charm, and for awhile, you really do forget that you are watching an animated flick. In the past few animated flicks I saw, including Finding Nemo, I always find ton of characters trying to say witty things to make every moment of the movie count. Sometimes I just wish they could slow down a bit and let the story slow naturally a little. Like you sometimes get scenes of people doing their own things and not saying anything in some movies, the animated flicks seems to be so jammed packed with dialogues, you wonder if they were afraid that they will lose their credibilty.
However, this time, I didn't get that feeling at all with The Incredibles. The pacing was great. There were some quiet moments, and there was some hilarious ones, and then some loud head banger scenes. Totally rockadoo!! :) This is one of the best animated movie of ALL time. And in some ways, even better than Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Definitely one of the best in 2004.

Fahrenheit 911:
Possibly the most controversial movie of 2004. It was released to do what it eventually failed: to prevent George W. Bush from being re-elected. But still, I must say that Fahrenheit 911 is important in movie history because
1) it is an outstanding documentary on its own
2) it opened doors for many other documentaries
3) it brought documentaries to the masses
4) its agenda
Furthermore, having lived in US for 6 years, it really made me pay a lot more attention to the political scenes there. Having read the book "Dude where's my country?", I vaguely knew what the content of this movie was gonna be. However, it was still good to see the "evidence" brought to life in moving images. An important movie of our time, and this one's going into the history books.

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