Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fav Movies of 2004 Part 4

The Twilight Samurai
Great movie. Quiet yet powerful. This is not a movie about sword fights, bloodshed, revenge blah blah. It is about a father's love for his family, and a childhood love rediscovered. Now this movie is not really a 2004 movie, but apparently the western world (or the rest of the world outside Japan) only picked it up after it won a couple of awards in the Japanese equivalent of their oscars. The story is set in ancient Japan, but the problems and issues faced by the main character are just as real as those that you see in modern times.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
This year lotsa sci-fi fantasy movies topped my list. Is it because I am in need of a means of escapism? Or is this a boom year for people to think unreal? Whatever, this particular one was so simple and sweet in its delivery, I absolutely loved every moment of it. This was like a garage project done by a few people who believed in the idea, and decided to let their passion rule their head when they did this film. It was funny, campy, and yet so full of charm. This was one movie that stole my heart because of its style and the characters.

The Identity
Ok this movie actually came out last year in US. But it only came to Singapore this year. What a bummer. I'll list it as this year' anyway since many people overlooked this movie. Granted the ending was a little too .. how should I put it, slasher styled? But I liked the context of the entire story. Not your typical slasher movie. This one's got the brain.

*Updated* From Captain Sky to Sky Captain. I am a little dyslexic :)

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Yuhui said...

It's "Sky Captain", not Captain Sky.