Thursday, August 25, 2005

Next change!!! You decide :)

Yup .. this weekend .. the movie to catch should be "Perth" for me. Slew of Singaporean made movies recently - i shouldn't miss this one. Then maybe I will watch 2 movies .. what should be the other?

I recently just added a counter to my blog, and I am really surprised how so many people visit my blog (well ... not as much as those super popular one lah .. Still much more than i expected). I wonder who are these people who reads it, cos I always thought it is just my friends who reads this and I am using this as a way to keep in touch with them. And also, since I love writing movie reviews, I wonder how many actually come to my site to read movie reviews?

If there are many movie fans out there, lemme know in the comments. Cos I am considering organizing some movie gatherings/activities or let u guys vote on what next movie I should be reviewing. Or even, we should go for regular movie/video outings!

Well :P ... My inner movie geekiness is definitely showing :P ....


Yuhui said...

One helpful section of your counter stats is the referrals. I use it all the time to see what people are searching for when they visit my site.

Apparently "nude photo blog" and "miss universe" are very popular with my blog. :)

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