Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Chocolate Factory Tour - 85%

Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over the last weekend, and yeah it was a Blast! Tim Burton style definitely, and his love for the "fantastical" and "magical" shines very brightly for this movie. Kids will enjoy it as a colourful and wild ride through an incredible world of Willie Wonka. And just like the rest of the characters in the movie, the audience becomes one of the "privileged few" to visit the Factory. The setup of the film gets everyone psyched about the product, and its creator. Everyone wants a piece of the Willie. And it is here that you see a slight reference to Michael Jackson, where his personality becomes sort of an enigma, and everyone wants a piece of him. Just look at the crazy media coverage his recent child molestation case received - it is mind boggling.

So, this movie is like taking a journey through the eyes of a child, and for the entire show, you stand fascinated with all the sights and wonders, and the adults in the audience gets transformed into a little child too. I was eagerly anticipating the end of the show so I could go grab a Wonka bar, but alas! This is nothing but a fairytale. And like any good fairytale, this is one great masterpiece that is brought to life by Tim Burton that will be watched by generations to come. Bravo! What a Wonka-ful movie!

PS. Johnny Depp is one of the best actor of our generation, and I hope he gets an Oscar someday. He is not just a pretty boy for looks for pretty roles - he's able to transform himself into the character he plays. And it is a great joy to see him play Willie Wonka - a whacky, but memorable performance.

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moothoo said...

For me its over-coloured and has an unbearable glamour. All in all - overdone.