Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Father of the child responded - case close?

Hmm ... one sided Tristefemme u think?
Seems like the father has emerged to offer the other side of the coin.

Go read it at yuhui's blog where he posted a comment


Seems like Tristefemme's adventure was a hot hot topic recently. I still hope that these 2 will resolve it somehow amicably. Yeah i love to dream. :P

Now instead of talking about each of their story, let's talk about the bloggers' reaction for a change.
Just assuming if LX published his story before Tristefemme, how would the reaction from the blogging community be? Would Tristefemme and her mother seem like they are evil ones instead? Would LX be more sympathized? Really this is not a discussion on their credibility, but a question about the behaviors of the reporters and readers.

Vandice (a fellow blogger) did ask me to remove references to the stories, and I didn't. I can understand where Vandice is coming from, but I have set a rule of non-censorship and open discussion on my blog. But when we say that these talk about the father and the mother is not good for the baby, do we even have the right to decide? If reporting on a news event would hurt someone's feelings, does it mean it shouldn't be reported? Maybe tomorrow.sg should remove all instances of the reference too to protect the baby? I honestly don't think that would happen. But then again, who's to decide for the child? If the mother was vindictive, do you think we bloggers could have made things any worse by reporting what she did to destroy LX's reputation?

I personally think, it would be good if LX also sets up a blog to counter Tristefemme's accounts. And the only justice we would do for both of them (and the child) would be report (objectively) both sides of the stories as they appear - and not to censor anything. Of course if they both decide not to say anything anymore to the public (which I also agree would be best for the baby), we could then do good by not harping on it anymore. What is blogging about anyways? It is about personal opinions on personal-societal-other people's matters. And these are just my humble personal opinions on this one. :)