Friday, August 12, 2005

May be too cold ...

Recent spat of this unwanted pregnancy stint with this girl at (it has since been taken down - dunno why), spurs plenty of responses and replies from all sectors. Many other blogs started spreading and commenting about it. Just like a rollercoaster. What I really enjoyed reading more actually, was the responses from different people.

There are the skeptics (Yuhui), supporters, and also those who think that the girl is trying to create trouble. I took and step back and look at the entire scene of Singapore blogging on the whole. You noticed that it is those who are not afraid to be who they are, and speak freely, and not being politically correct and all, that are the most popular. It shows that blogging is an avenue that allows many Singaporean to be who they want to be, who they truly are, and truly feel free in the sense of the word. It has become the virtual Hyde park that the government cannot control and impose "registration rules" to. These people who blogs share one common trait in what they do : Passion in life. With passion, you take sides, and let your emotion rule over your brain - a little ... With blogs, it allows people to speak their view and take their stand. What i find, is that those who don't, and try to be as politically correct as possible, may come across as cold and unfeeling.

When it comes to the recent "unwanted pregnancy" thingy, the girl in case has obviously chosen a side, and open up her side of the story. Those who chooses to be a skeptic, and wants to be a devils advocate, will certainly come across as cold and unfeeling. I guess it is not their fault, but given the sensitivity of the issue, by appearing not to sympathize, automatically places you in the "cold as a snake" category.

This is a problem i see pervasive in Singapore's society. In Singapore's society, those with the best example of being the most "fair" are the government ministers and politicians. How did they get such rep? Through all the court cases they have won and their ability to argue their way to winning - which is the fairest way of winning one might say. But the issue some of our "neighbours" have with our leaders are the fact that we are always "by the book" and never known to show anything called human emotional traits. Everything is about being "fair game" and "numbers driven". Our nation's leaders act this way, and this filters down to many of our scholars and intellectuals (future leaders I might say) who also behave the same way. Our present leaders obviously would choose people to run the country who share similar traits as themselves, and thus the cycle goes on and on. Actually as politician, it is good to be fair. I applaud a fair government. But taking it to the extreme may result in being construed as "inflexible, unfeeling ... cold". I worry that if too many Singaporeans behave, think and live this way, will grow and result in an unfeeling, cold and selfish nation.

I am a huge proponent for the arts and innovation. And living in a country with too many of these "politically correct" people will seriously stifle the creative minds. I hope more of these "passion driven" people will come to change the mindset of the policy makers, and help them be more flexible, less unfeeling, and less cold. Maybe then, our arts scene will truly flourish, (as opposed to only importing foreign artistes), and innovation in other aspects of the economy will also grow.


Anonymous said...
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Zim said...

hey. on the first look your analysis of the popularity of passionate bloggers seems quite right! I'll chew on it a fewdays and get back to you

Thing is, I'm one of those cold fishes.. But I love all these passionate blogs, all their haertfelt comments made without a care in the world, opening up the beauty/ugliness and novelty of their worlds to me.

Nevertheless, I think it's unfair to link the bloggers' natures to the PAP.. It's just that people are different, you know? I'm more reserved in my judgements in both my life and my blog, but that's only "politically correct" in the sense that I do not want to offend... Sometimes I want to be in the mudpit slinging it with the best, but other days I just want to watch.. :>

Yee-Wei Chai said...

Well ... everyone's entitled to their own opinions. And that's what makes the world of blogging so much more interesting! :) It just so happens that people like to rant about the PAP in many of the Singaporean blogs. Well, if it is true, it will stand the test of time. If not, people will ignore them and they will eventually disappear. As I have always said, let the market control itself. People like you will help keep things in balance. Let free speech thrive! :)

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