Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Akan Datang: Coming Soon: 即将献映

Man i miss the Cathay Cinema musical introduction for the previews with those words scrolling below. :P The GV stuff just doesn't feel classic.

Well, up next on my movie reviews:
The Maid.

Those of u guys who read my blog should know how much I love horror movies. I am so looking forward to this one, though I must admit, that the acting by the maid looked rather stiff from the trailers. And the voice introducing the film (esp the english one) sounded real crappy. Kelvin Tong is the director, who did "Eating Air". I personally didn't really like that one. Falls into the "got skills no story" category. I hope this 5-year absence will mark an improvement. :) ...


Sylvia said...

Yeah, despite this, still might watch it, cos it's a little different. Too many generic Hollywood movies nowsaday.

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