Monday, August 15, 2005

Land of the Dead - 78%

Yup Mr Romero is back to taunt us with more of his pals from the grave. And this time, they have a leader! :P Somehow, this film reminds me of one of the episode of the "Planet of the Apes" series, where Ceasar, was leading the rest of the "slaves" apes to rebel against the humans. Here, we have another case of a smarter of a breed leading the rest of the not-so-smarties.

It is not so brooding actually and it felt more like an action-drama than a horror flick. But as usual Romero-faire, he does have some social commentary. The rich is controlling the society and the poor will always be the 2nd class unless the upper class allows them in. This is sad but true. Money rules. It even keeps our high paying politicians in Singapore from corruption! :P

So what's good about this movie? It is not like the commonly used survival setup. This one is much more a human+zombie struggle against the rich and powerful than the usual humans against the zombies gorefest. Rather refreshing setup compared to what I am used to seeing in most horror movies. Interestingly, in most aspects, this movie is not scary at all. It's good to see Romero having the guts to change the rules around the genre he popularized. And I am glad to report that it works.

And Dennis Hopper is the MVP in this movie. :P He's pretty funny actually. :P