Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"Ass Tee" Crackdown Details

Well, seems like my friend responded in the comments section of the original post. I'll place it here as an update:

"Anonymous said...
Hmm.. well... lets just say no warning letter was given prior to that instead a registered letter titled Reproduction of Published Articles came in the mail.

In it, it printed out the entire company website + cited the articles were reproduced. It also included charges for purchasing the articles and cost of their field work investigation of S$640.
It also include the costing of their licencing programmes,etc...

I have since wrote and enquire if I still need to pay the $$ if i remove the articles immediately. WAiting for their reply....

On sidetrack, one of our local U kenna big time from similar incident. Not just the papers are doing it. Since last year, one of the maps company started issuing letters and a lot of schools and corporations kenna too."

I have now a few questions on my mind regarding this issue:

1) If we're not allowed to place articles (scanned, quoted, referenced) which reported about us, how about the countless businesses out there who does? To name some examples : restaurants like NYDC, who places copies of newspaper articles framed in their premises; cinema ads which quoted critics; insurance firms who uses articles from newspapers to reflect economic data etc ... Is "Ass Tee" planning to go after them too?

2) Why did a reporter (I shall not place names yet) from Today's newspaper (mediacorp), tell me that they do not pursue such incidents as long as they are properly referenced, but "Ass Tee" is doing such?

3) If "Ass-Tee" is on a crackdown hunt right now, why is it not announced or warned?

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Yuhui said...

If "Ass Tee" reproduced your friend's website in whole, is it considered copyright infringement on your friend? :)

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