Thursday, May 26, 2005

Revenge of the Sith?

Now I might be reading too much into this .. but watching the Revenge of the Sith .. made me think about how similar it was on Mr Bush's self righteousness on what he believes is the correct thing to do ... to push for war in Iraq.

Same thing .... Anakin never thought what he did was wrong ... even up to the point he was facing his wife and Obi-wan ... he believes the Jedis are staging a rebellion to betray the Republic ...

Bush refers to the soldiers of US as on a "crusade" .... and uses religion to back up his war .. and keeps saying God is on his side (US side) .... well how about Allah? Is there a difference? He uses false intelligence to go to war and even when it was proven that those information were wrong, he still thinks the war is justified.

Shouldn't he be put to trial by the UN?

Oh no ... the "emperor" shld never be questioned. :) the Empire is already under his control ... there is no senate .....
"Tum tum tum .. tum tum tum ..." (The Imperial March theme plays)


avalon said...
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avalon said...

this is a good one.

i love hearing civilised rantings on parallels between movies and books, and life itself.