Thursday, May 26, 2005

Can I say whatever I want?

Can I say whatever I want in a blog? This is a tricky question ... recently apple sued some bloggers for releasing some confidential information that were supposedly not to be released under NDAs. I guess that would be not right due to the fact that there were some legal bindings to the information concerned.

How about regular ramblings and criticism about things in general? Do we have to watch what we say? Is it due to the fact that blogs are public, we have to be extra careful about what we write? I mean ... do you have to justify your criticism or complaints in your blog? Do you have to think about what your thoughts are before writing them out? Isn't that almost like censorship? But if blogs are personal thoughts and opinions .... why should it need to be subjected to journalistic integrity?

Eg. Do I have to justify if I dislike someone's face?

If I have to watch everything I say on my blog in fear of offending anyone .. and be politically correct about all the things I blog about .... I'd rather not blog anymore ....

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