Friday, May 27, 2005

Do Singaporeans complain too much?

Singaporeans complain too much. We read reports and people talking about this ... I am sure we're familiar hearing about how the government (man heard it from so many sources i am not even sure which government person who said it) saying that Singaporeans should not criticize if they've got no concrete suggestions or solutions to come forward with.

Really .... personally, I feel Singaporeans should be allowed to complain, and criticize ... even if they've got no solutions to boot. Why? Because I firmly believe in the power of the people. I firmly believe that enough Singaporeans have gone through enough education to learn to differentiate what is senseless bashing versus nonsensical babblings. I believe the government should let the people decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong.

Well, if the people can't do that efficiently all the time, we should still allow them to learn from their mistakes. Maybe a government who acts like parent will have to learn to accept the fact that the children has grown up. The parent's guidance is important is instilling the right values for the kids when they are young and growing, but when they have grown up, it is time to let them make their own decisions and learn to take responsibility from their own actions.

So getting back to the issue of complaints. There are constructive complaints and criticisms, and there are the senseless ones ... and usually it is the constructive ones that will result in one thing - discussion. We should promote discussions as much as possible, among the people, and between the state and its nation. Actions to discourage discussions (like the use of fear tactics and lawsuits etc) can result in conformity and the lack of innovation. The Singapore economy is in dire need of creative and innovative ideas to push for the next growth, and the state should do all it can as a start, to promote active, healthy and most importantly, FREE discussions. Let the market run itself ....


Sylvia said...

too much CRITICism = complaints. complaints. complaints. complaints. not as enjoyable as the blog about poems and music lah. hee hee hee


Anonymous said...

i totally agree that constructive discussions should be encouraged. but very few understand that term.

many people despite knowing the difference between senseless bashing/nonsensical babblings and constructive criticism, still indulge in the former because it's much easier. because it's something to do together at the end of a long day. because complaining is a mindless activity. everybody has the freedom to complain and criticize because it's so prolific nobody's gonna stop even if it's disallowed. you really think complaints will bring about creativity and innovative ideas to boost singapore's economy. me thinks not.

Yee-Wei Chai said...

the fact that my opinion had encouraged you to voice yours, is a great example of why discussion, whether it be constructve or not has already seen its effects. Let the voices be heard, and if it is not meant to be heard, no one will bother hearing it. Thanks for the comment. :)

avalon said...

is there a forum or blog where we can post complaints about restautants and other F&B places?

not that i want to complain about yours YW just thought there might be one in singapore already, would love to check it out.

Yee-Wei Chai said...

you can always start one