Friday, May 13, 2005

Customer is King

I run a restaurant ... and assuming most who reads this blog are my personal friends, you should know. My restaurant's main target group are young working adults ... Yuppies? Rich, well paid executives? Ok ... you get the picture ... And in the past year, i've seen many of them come and go in my restaurant ... and fair to say that most of them are rather civil. But there is an annoying pattern I have noticed among this group, and luckily they are not the majority. But I do see quite a number of them.

1) They think they should be given seats even if we're full.
2) I said "sorry I can't give you an estimate of how long you have to wait". "Are you telling me to leave?". Do they have to be angry and make it sound like we're out to offend them? I mean, why get so short tempered?
3) They expect to be treated like Kings (and Queens). "Why do i have to wait to pay?" "Sorry sir, as you can see, we have to clear other people's bills that came before you." "you should have someone handling this what?!" ???
4)" Can I sit there?" (pointing to a 4 seater). "Sorry madam, the table is for bigger groups and we expect a crowd tonight". "But I don't see anyone now what! And the 2 seater is so uncomfortable!"
5)"Do I get a discount with any credit card?""Yes sir, UOB""Can I use this stamp card to redeem my free meal too" Sorry sir, you can't combine offers""So? I am sure you can make an exception!!" (after much haggling, my manager took the card, then realised, the stamp card has expired 1 mth ago) " Sorry sir, the card has expired". "So what? I want to see your boss""Sorry my boss is not around tonight, I am the manager in charge here. I am sorry I can't combine the offers""I am not coming back here again!"

I really wish I could talk back and scream at these idiots. "Have you ever ran a restaurant?""Are you fucking blind you can't see there are 4 persons serving 75 of you fuckers?""You think I should hire more staff? Are you gonna pay for them?""If we've told you the wait for the food might be long, why are u complaining?""I have said sorry and have taken the item off your bill, why do you still wanna make a big fuss? What do you want? Kowtow?""Can you be more considerate?? Why take up table for 4 when you have only 2 persons??"

All these bad arrogant spoilt brats, taught me to truly appreciate those understanding ones. I channel my anger to treat the good customers even better than usual. And why isit that always those who say "Don't worry, I can tell you're busy", are those foreigners? This is not a stereotype ... this is unbiased observations. Singapore still have a long way to go before we become a gracious society.

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