Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Geeky over Tiger :P

Just installed a copy of the new Macintosh OS on my powerbook .. and man am i impressed ...

It boots much much faster.... and dashboard .... so damn cool .... u windows users should really check out dashboard .... it makes your computer... much more gadgetary .... funny how on windows, users hate spyware and mini bots installed in their computers .. this dashboards to me, are like little trinkets of virtual gadgets that u install .. and can have them pulled from a drawer anytime u wish ....

then this spotlight feature which i didn't think much of ... turns out to be a life saver for me on more occasions than one ... think of it as google for the desktop ... u type in a keyword and even before u finish typing the word, matches start appearing .. it is that fast .... and the word can appear anywhere ... incl a word doc, an email message .. damn .. this thing finds anything anywhere ... u gotta see it to believe it

ichat? .. man this new baby is cool too ... I have my ICQ, AIM, Jabber and .Mac users all one 1 list ... I just wish they could allow me to add MSN and yahoo users too .... then it would be IM nirvana :)


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