Monday, October 25, 2004

Kudos to to the Guardian

Dear fellow world citizen, the US election is happening in less than 2 weeks. For those who had been following, you know that both Bush and Kerry are hanging around the Swing States (those states with fairly even split votes, and would "swing" the direction of the election should they be won) quite a bit.

An interesting exercise by a UK newspaper, Guardian, was set up recently targeting one of the swing states, Ohio. They were encouraging and helping people to write to the people in Ohio to encourage them to vote against Bush. Now they had gotten alot of backlash from those Bush supporters regarding this, but what struck me was, if they wanted, they could have easily gotten another international paper to do the same for Bush. However, they probably know that it wouldn't be easy because Bush has gotten a terrible reputation outside the US.

From reports, Guardian has got plenty of positive letters and responses (close to 70,000) while some negative ones. Their site was even hacked because of this experiment they were running.

Well, here I pay salute to Guardian for their bravery, their innovative thinking and for standing by their beliefs. This US election is probably the most important one in the recent history because the Bush administration has shown that when superpower is misused based on cranky intelligence, it can lead to war, deaths and create a whole lotta mess in the world.

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