Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bin Lying down :)

When do you know if you are living in times where history is in the making? Answer: When the world's political scene is unfolding even more dramatically than any TV drama on air.

Now, let's look at the most exciting events that has been unfolding. The different countries, are like different characters with different personalities. The main characters these days seem to be the US and Iraq. Supporting casts are like Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, France and so on. But like any good long running sitcom, the story of the world can shift its focus between the different characters and keep it interesting. :) For now, let's see what's happening to these key characters.

US - is going through a change. A big one ... and the world is watching. Who's gonna be the new leader of the pack? The interesting thing is how the US's relationship with the rest of the world is affecting the election this time. Particularly with Iraq. Many outside US are seeing US as the big bully, but many of the Americans are crying, "We're really nice people!!". Try telling that to the Iraqis who lost 100,000 innocent lives just because US wanted to liberate them of their evil ruler.

Iraq - feeling disgruntled instead of liberated. But how can you blame them for feeling this way, when it was the US who planted their leader there, then went to war with them not once, but twice. And both times by the Bush family, father and son. So who's flip flopping? Some terrorists (mostly Saudis) decided to ram their planes into the World trade center and killed 3000 Americans, and through some way or another, led to US deciding to attack Iraq in their crusade of ridding the world of terrorism. Even if I was not a Iraqi, I would still find the whole scenario a little absurd.

And today, voila! The guy who is responsible for the deaths of the 3000 Americans in the 911 incident is back! And the video announcemnt by Mr Bin Laden has added a new twist to the election that is just merely 2 days away.

Now is that drama or what??? :)

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