Friday, October 22, 2004

Jon Stewart Rocks CNN

Now this is last week's news. But hey if you are a Singaporean, you might not know who is Jon Stewart cos the freaking PAP banned his shows.

Again, a little background. Jon Stewart host "The daily show" - a "fake" news program that airs everynight on CableTv on Comedy Central (in US). What he does on his show, is takes news feeds from different sources, and finds absurdities and makes fun of them. So if you do not follow the news, you might not know what he's talking about. And his news does not just cover US news, there was once he made fun of Singapore launching a "SARS" channel too.

Well, recently, he was invited to a program called "Crossfire" on CNN. From what I understand (I did not watch this show before), this is a debate program on CNN and what they do is they invite 2 persons ... and they have 2 hosts, each taking a different stand on an issue and the 4 will debate.

What happened was Jon stewart was invited to this show last week. After the host tried to accuse him of being soft on John Kerry, he basically went on blasting the show and criticizing CNN for not being helpful to the public they are supposed to be serving. It was a hell of a ride watching 16min of seeing how the CNN hosts tried to defend themselves and kept trying to shut Jon up. If you wanna catch it, search on the net, or on any P2P (Kazaa, Limewire etc) network for "Jon stewart, crossfire" and you should be able to find it. Awesome to see Jon Stewart kick some butt, and really saying what's so true.

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