Saturday, October 30, 2004

Kids and chocolates?

Recently, I had the opportunity to bring a bunch of kids from a home to a "Kids Fest" organized by the CAAS (what that stands for I am not sure, but it has something to do with Changi Airport and its terminal and some of their operations). Seems like the kids enjoyed themselves - I think not so much that they've learnt anything in the process or that they had done anything that couldn't be done elsewhere. Ironically, they hardly saw any planes considering that they knew they were heading to an airport terminal and that seemed like the whole point of the event. The day went by seeing them being zipped from one place to another, taking pictures instead of really staying at any one place and enjoying themselves, or learning anything. It was like "oh this is the pool!, do not step on the green area, let's take some pictures, let's go!" .. So what's the point of heading there? "Now we're at the cactus garden! Let's take some pictures!, let's go!" .. So, what's the deal with the seeing the cactus garden for 3-4min? Then woo ... zipping off to the restaurant, and that was the place where we spent the most time and took the most pictures. :)

Nonetheless, I thought they enjoyed themselves because of the company, the people, the chance to get out of the home and just do something silly. All thanks to Jean Hung most of all who organized the event and generously included the kids. :) The helpers like Melvyn, Badu and the rest of the entourage. Uncle Ronald, and the fat Pied Piper. Rita who was so sporting :P and the helpers - Steven & Betty. And of course the lovely crazy girl whom i thought made the kids' day definitely - more so than the clown, pied piper and the chocolates combined sorry to say.

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