Friday, October 22, 2004

Kerry Flip-flopper, George Bushwhacker

Been following the US election? You should. Why should I care? I am a Singaporean right? ... Well, considering that this is the presidency of a superpower with the fire freaking power to destroy any country, I think we better the hell care. The US president is one powerful man, and we don't need an idiot running that country. The Bush Administration has shown us what can happen when a Droon is running the country - backed out of the Kyoto Treaty, , entered an illegal War and then trying to use "liberation" as an excuse (haven't we heard that before in WWII when Japan tried to "liberate Asia"), losing track of Osama bin Ladin and more ...

So in case you haven't been following, here's a quick recap ... the election is in 2 weeks. 3 rounds of debates came and went, but still, no clear winner. Statistic is swinging between 45-47% for Kerry and 47-49% for Bush, very tight race. Bush loves taking words out of context to malign Kerry. Kerry loves to explain his points with too much details and provide material for others to pick on. I wish we have a much clearer choice. Kerry is better in my opinion (note this is an opinion!), but not good enough to mark a huge distinction. I think the polls explains my point. Nonetheless, I see him as the lesser evil.

What bothers me is many Americans do not look at the big picture when making decisions. They look at one or two details that matters the most to them and vote. They see who they like as a person, and they vote. That's very disturbing. Many of them get not-so-fair and reliable news from FOX and treat it as facts. Many of them do not know how to filter facts from personal opinions and biases injected by those irresponsible reporting. Thankfully not every American is like that, but a huge percentage of them still are. They also do not realise that, who they vote, will determine how US is being viewed by others - and to a larger extent, who they vote, will determine whether there will be another bombing/sanction/whatever elsewhere. But why should they care? The people who are dying will not be Americans ... but then again, how many Americans had died since Bush invaded .. oh, sorry .. liberated Iraq?

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