Monday, February 14, 2005

New Year .. A New Hope

Just got back from Japan. It was a great. For those who wants to see the pictures, follow this URL

Now the world seems much clearer. The air seems much easier to breathe.
All because, I've learnt to let things be. Let it be. 3 simple words. Truly words of wisdom.

The mind is a complex toy. But it is only complex if u made it so. And Complexity can stem from not being able to let things go. It is all about letting things be the way they are supposed to be - not expecting results from every action that you execute. Cos we all want to be "in control" of situations, when the truth is all that the only thing that we can be in control of , is ourselves. We should let everything be the way it wants/supposed/fated to be. As long as we've done our part, we should be accountable to ourselves. We should not be acountable for anything that we have no control over.

That's the problem with me. I have been expecting, hoping, for things to work/turn out in a certain way. More often then not, they will not and they do not. Then I feel shitty, crappy and all. And it all boils down to my own doing - I am just crapping over my own thoughts and delusions. This applies not just to relationships (all sorts) , but to work, and everyday living.

Thank you clarity.
Thank you Japan.
Thank you silence.
Thank you for letting me be.


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