Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine this, valentine that ...

I had a bizarre valentine's day yesterday. It is definitely the most memorable one. No it wasn't one filled with sex, booze, romance, wine and flowers blah blah. But it was one of theatrics and dramatics - filled with tears, despressed souls and individuals indulged in self-pity. Gladfully, none of the above applies to me, I was just a spectator in all the happenings. I was just running my restaurant watching the world go by (and keeping the cash that comes my way :P).

Now what I have noticed - almost all the single individuals whom i chat with or interacted with felt one of the following: depression, sadness, unhappiness, loneliness - all because it is "V-day" and they are "still single" without a date. Now this is freaky .... Cos it is just a day with a name attached to it and if it doesn't apply to you, get over it man. You don't see Buddhists or Muslims commiting suicide during Christmas because they felt left out! But yesterday was the most extreme I had ever encountered in the my singlehood "V-day" experiences. Almost every single men and women was depressed.

I think I will be seeing more of these as I grow older as they can only feel shittier about their singlehood the older they get. One of my girl friend (I shall not be naming names) even came to my restaurant and started crying the moment I mentioned "Happy V-day!!". Woah ... I mean talk about extreme reaction man!! But it is truly "the day" that makes people compelled to do things out of the ordinary, or think in ways that may not be the most rational. For instance, this is one day people use as an excuse to execute one of the following cos it would give it the extra punch:
1) express their undying love
2) express they deepest feelings for the other party (may it be good or bad :P)
3) get hitched
4) get laid
5) or sadly get rejected

Now if you have got the right person, everyday would be like a V-day. But the expectations for extreme actions is much higher on this "tagged lovers day" so I guess, the pressure to act is much higher than usual. So whatever the case, it is a day where not just people get all the fun, but they get all the shit, just because of social pressure. Sigh .... all these unnecessary pain and self inflicted sufferings just because of a day that compels one to social norms.

I say, please get jiggy and happy. Do what you like whenever you like, don't just wait for Valentine's day. And if things turn sour, screw it and enjoy the rest of the day, week or year. :)

Peace and out.

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Yuhui said...

Did you play matchmaker for any of the singles?