Friday, February 18, 2005

Mo Chuishle

Every now and then a movie will come by and makes you fall in love with the art all over again. A projector, shooting a light stream of moving colors and images, that reflects off the silver screen. The synchronized sounds and music completes the illusion of a moving and living storybook. And what makes a great movie is what makes a great storybook too - its story.

Million Dollar Baby is a great movie, with a great story. This story has a heart, and it touches the people who watches it. It is a simple story nonetheless, of a girl who wants to make a difference in her life, and a man placed into a position to make the decisions that will eventually affect the rest of their lives. Clint Eastwood plays Frank who is a boxing trainer and Hillary Swank plays Maggie who wants to be a boxer. Morgan Freeman plays Scrappy, a character who is the friend of both and also narrates the throughout the film and that is what seems to tie the whole film together.

The joys and the pains in Frankie and Maggie's relationship is heartfelt and the story works so well not as much as a boxing story, but as a study of 2 characters being placed into situations which they must take the routes they are most unwiling to take, in order to make a difference in each other's lives - for better or for worse.

I will not want to give away the plot of the story, and strongly i urge everyone to check out this movie which is not very much publicised yet deserves all the attention it can get.

You'll find out what Mo Chuisle means.

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Nicolas said...

Great movie!

Did you know that:

- the movie incorrectly spells "Mo chuisle" as "Mo cuishle"?

- the movie was filmed in 37 days?

- Clint Eastwood used the first draft of the script without any re-writes for filming?